The Real Story of The Exorcist Part One

Skip to 1:40 minutes to get straight into the story that inspired the novel and the film The Exorcist. A valuable historical note is made at the start - that in the Jewish scripture any trafficking with evil spirits was not only forbidden, but punishable by death. The possessed child, Robbie used an image to portray the beginnings of his possession - that there seemed to be 'marching feet in his bed'. Also, interesting that Robbie's possession took on the characteristics of 'perfect possession' (the term from the Catechism of the Catholic Church) when he attempted to contact his dead aunt through the ouija board.


  1. I did the o.board when i was a kid- saw some very strange stuff myself- thankfully for some reason even though i was not much of a Catholic then- i still knew to go to confession and felt MUCH better afterwards. I have heard confession is even more powerful than exorcism. Thanks Mary

  2. Another take on the story:

    Plus pix you may not have seen before.


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