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Dog of the Week

Happy Easter, everyone!  Now that we are in the throes of the fifty-day long feast,  I have been skipping out for the odd party and celebration. While popping up to Notting Hill Gate,  I bumped into this jolly creature, a Blue Roan Cocker Spaniel who unreservedly jumped into my arms. 

Cocker Spaniels of all kinds are slaves to their noses, they are always sniffing trails and the skin just around their mouth does often get very bald from continuous  snuffling along the ground. 

In the next photo, the little cocker is sniffing my face, not kissing (I promise). 

Every kind of cocker spaniel has masses of fine haired fur that needs very regular grooming or it gets into knotty tangles that become dreadlocks...   

Good Friday is a day to set all our gadgets aside...

Over at The Catholic Herald, I have a post concerning Good Friday, how to observe the holiest day by disengaging with the most mentally distracting parts of our on-line life. 

For my own part, I have modified my blog template to be stark black. A simple idea that I put forward in the Herald post

Also, as a semi-young woman who will be doing the Stations of the Cross in a central London church, I will not be wearing lipstick, my usual being glossy puce or dark red. It's a small thing, among a long list of penances, but one that is of immediate notice to the people around me. Good-time-girl cosmetics are an aberration on the day when all our small and big acts must be made in an effort to observer Our Lord's Passion. 

During Lent 2015, I have deliberately abstained from blogging about my Lenten activities, even though I did undertake much harsher fasting than usual in the hope that certain prayer intentions be answered. It would be flaunting the state of life that allows me to do…