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The Latin Mass: "you will be blown away"

God bless this teenager's spontaneity and fortitude! "SheIsCatholic" manages to be witty and give powerful little messages - at the same time. This is because her humour is not at the expense of her specific subject; the Latin Mass; but she makes fun of her glasses, her quick talking and the quick way she learnt to follow the Mass: just looking for the red writing.  I do not have a name for SheIsCatholic at present; but in another video she shows her sister Anna who entered the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist in Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.

Amazing Catholic Women…

Hello Readers, 

May I invite you to give me recommendations for Catholic women (living or deceased) who are/were deserving of the word ‘amazing’?  They need not be ‘famous’; in fact if you know of any truly great Catholic woman who has not been honoured, let me know! They may be either laywomen or religious. I am doing research for an article, a ‘list’ article, in the genre of Meet 10 Amazing Young Catholics. I would be very much obliged for any suggestions. Please feel free to drop me a line in the comment box.

Repaying St Anthony…

Often I have grand plans of depositing big wads of money into the box marked St Anthony’s Bread which is a shiny black box next to the statue of St Anthony in the Oratory.  But I don’t have folds of greenbacks to spare. So instead I collect my spare change like the piles in the photo below.   When I get pennies and pounds as change in the supermarket, I keep them to one side. And then when I’m in the Oratory, I mentally say thank you to St Anthony for his latest finds including the blusher, as I stuff the coins into the shiny box.  Today, someone had put two pennies into the lily in St Anthony’s hand and there was pieces of paper that looked like a bill scrunched up and placed in the crook of his arm. People have commented to me that they don’t donate money to St Anthony’s Bread – in the South Kensington Oratory – because “the people who live around the Oratory have plenty of money and don’t need my hard earned cash.  Those rich yuppies will never need food to keep them from starving.” …