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Is Chastity Possible Today?

This is a much longer video than that which I usually post. It is counter-cultural, and at the same time has many edifying messages: "Today’s prejudice against sexuality is especially disturbing because of the view of sexuality that it implies – that we hook up with each other for pleasure. Not only is this an offence against the dignity of the person being used, but it also holds the user in bondage to sexual practices that cause physical, emotional and psychological harm”
One criticism of the video is that the presenters speak their lines a bit woodenly, with slightly forced expression. It might not influence someone who is coming to this video with no idea about why chastity is a positive lifestyle choice. Or fully convince of the ‘physical, emotional and psychological harm’ of sleeping with someone who is not our husband or wife.

Padre Pio called a man who was cheating on his wife ‘a litterbug’

A man came to Padre Pio claiming to be in a “spiritual crisis.” This man was known to be a good Catholic and was well-liked and respected by all. He had, however, overlooked his wife, and was having an affair with another woman. The man had felt lonely after ignoring his own wife, and was trying to feel loved by a mistress. He went to confession to Padre Pio, and justifying himself, he said that he was having a “spiritual crisis”. Padre Pio asserted himself and said, “What spiritual crisis? You are a litterbug! And God is angry with you. Go away!” The man had not banked on meeting Padre Pio’s ire for wandering husbands! He had fooled his wife by having a liaison with another woman, but he wasn’t going to pull the wool over Padre Pio’s all-seeing eyes. With St. Valentine’s Day drawing nearer, I will be doing more Padre Pio posts on how our favourite saint advised couples.

Philip Rivers on how he and his wife saved sex for marriage; "we were in it together"

This is a really from-the-heart-testimony. The famous US footballer, Philip Rivers, describes how he and his wife saved sex for marriage. Find more info on Philip Rivers football career here.

True Love Waits

Could this be the new spirit of my age? Could it? Are we able to start a revolution? I have been doing a lot of research and interviews with people who want to save sex for marriage, and some people who were sexually active but have decided to ‘turn over a new leaf’ for personal, practical and faith-based reasons to save sex for marriage. Some very brave souls have come forward and want to say why (and how!) they are saving sex for marriage, and that they would like to share this message with as many people as possible. My favourite fashion designer, Anthony Corner (who has won awards for his work) has now designed a host of t-shirts that inspire us with nobler ideals for our love lives. 'Greatest Valentine' and 'Wound in Love' are but some of this collection, to see the full array, follow this link.
For some people who feel very strongly that the safe-sex/’safer-sex’ philosophy neglects to mention that there is no condom for the heart, and that there’s no vaccine to p…

EWTN to acquire The National Catholic Register

EWTN, the global Catholic broadcasting network founded by Mother Angelica, has reached an agreement to purchase the National Catholic Register.

The National Catholic Register-- not to be confused with the National Catholic Reporter, another weekly publication with a very different editorial outlook-- has been owned since 1995 by the Legionaries of Christ. With the Legionaries experiencing financial difficulties in the wake of revelations about their founder, the late Father Marcial Maciel, the newspaper was placed on the market. The sale to EWTN will not involve any cash payment; EWTN will assume the paper's subscription liabilities.
Read the full report here.

Another report calls the EWTN move to buy out The National Catholic Register a 'providential intervention' and gives more detail on the causes of the Register's financial difficulties:
The need for the providential intervention by EWTN was precipitated by what Legionary Father Owen Kearns, the Register’s publishe…

Learning Padre Pio’s mother tongue and learning about our favourite saint’s life

I’m learning conversational Italian and what better way to get Italian on my ear then hearing the narration to this video! Forgive the subtitles that are poorly translated into English. Padre Pio’s mother is described as ‘very believer’, which we may take to mean that she was devout.  According to this video – his mother took baby Francis (who would grow to be ‘Fr Pious’ or Padre Pio as the whole world knows him) to a ‘fortune teller’. Is this verifiable, or is the account exaggerated in this video production? When I typed in Padre Pio and ‘Giuseppe Faiella’, all the websites were in Italian. A defining achievement of this video is gives a small feel of the atmosphere of the Italy where Padre Pio grew up.The video also talks about Pope Leo XIII, who was on the throne of Peter during Padre Pio’s childhood. Pope Leo, like the pope before him, was a ‘prisoner’ in the Vatican, which is absolutely correct in that Pope Leo was physically and politically a ‘prisoner’ of the Vatican…