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Cora Sherlock: the steely solicitor seeking the repeal of the Irish abortion law


John Paul II was the only person that Padre Pio ever told about his most painful and bloody wound

Padre Pio bore the wounds of Christ, and deliberately confided in the priest who would be  the Vicar of Christ

 In the years after World War II, the young Fr Karol Wojtyla was doing further study in Rome. He journeyed into rural Italy so that he could spend nearly a week in San Giovanni Rotondo and be in the company of Padre Pio. At the time, swarms of people did not buzz around Padre Pio, so the young Fr Wojtyla had the opportunity to speak at length with the Franciscan who called himself the ‘humble friar who prays’.

Decades later, when Fr Wojtyla became the Holy Father, people speculated as to whether Padre Pio had told him that he would be Pope. Pope John Paul II clarified that Padre Pio did not tell him that he would be Pope.

But Padre Pio went further than reading the future for Fr Wojtyla, and did something much more decisive and significant. When Fr Wojtyla asked Padre Pio which one of his wounds (from the stigmata) caused him the most suffering, Padre Pio divulged, …

This Easter celebrated comedy writer Tom Leopold celebrates 5 years as a Catholic


The CBC Report on "the Francis Effect"

Last night, CBC broadcast their report on Pope Francis. At the start of my bit, I’m quoted as saying that a number of people assume that I’d become a woman priest were Pope Francis to allow them. Perish the thought! My on-camera appearance was edited not to include what I said next which was, “I’d never want to be a woman priest”. 

I don’t especially mind that they cut this sentence out. I was not being interviewed on the subject of myself (I’m too private to give a good personal interview). Instead, I was meant to report on the false expectations that people have of Pope Francis and the yawning chasm between the public perception of Pope Francis (e.g. that he’s a soft liberal who will change the teaching in accordance with feminism) and the real Pope who has underscored that he’s not even going to entertain plans of creating women cardinals or ordaining women priests. 

 Liberal Signs  Consverative Map 
I explained the history of the Pope’s opposition to same-sex marriage. But what wa…

Happy Easter - He is Risen!

Wishing all my readers and dear friends a very joyful Easter. May you get every blessing in the Risen Lord. He has conquered death!

The Path Less Taken goes black...

As it's Good Friday and the most solemn day of the year, I have changed the design on my blog to a vaguely charcoal black, as a mark of respect when we contemplate Our Lord's Sorrowful Passion. Here is a famous painting of the Crucifixion by Nicolas Tournier.

British Blogger Eccles may become a superstar in Canada


Whenever I blog about Pope Francis...

....there is a sharp rise in blog stats and there's a surge in comments. On average, I might get 500 hits a day, when I blog about Pope Francis it jumps to a minimum of 1,500. You can't deny that there is an intense interest in our Pope.

But I never thought that my own blog stats would rise, on account of readers wanting to access my blogs on Pope Francis. You see, there is such a wealth of articles, stories and features on the Pope the secular, mainstream media, not to mention the myriad blog posts published about him, that I thought fewer people would be interested in my blogs on Pope Francis. Surely their appetite for info about the Pope would be sated by the glossy mags.

According to my Traddie friends, I have become 'a rare bird', who goes to the Tridentine Mass, but writes favourably about Pope Francis, and writes about his personal piety.  So, I suppose it's the approach that I take when writing about Pope Francis that makes my writings on him a little diff…

The Judas Complex

Today, on the eve of Spy Wednesday, I read Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith's blog post entitled, 'Love and envy: exploring the psychology of Judas'.

It's a very good blog. Fr Lucie-Smith entertains the conflicting views on Judas. At school, Fr Lucie-Smith was taught a feel-good version that Judas become a saint because he handed back the 30 pieces of silver and did penance by hanging himself on a tree. 

Nowadays, Fr Lucie-Smith does not believe Judas became a saint. But he does caution us to see the warnings stamped all over Judas' woeful ending. 
In those far off schooldays, I learned another important thing: Judas had only to go to Jesus hanging on the Cross and say sorry, and he would have been forgiven. After all, Jesus forgave those who crucified Him, and He promised salvation to the Good Thief. But sorry is so often the hardest word, and for the want of it Judas was lost. In that too, he presents us with a terrible warning.  I, too, hold that Judas 'presen…

Yesterday, I was interviewed on the question, "are liberals in love with a Pope of their own creation?"