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A video we've been waiting for...

B16: The Pope who wanted to be a humble librarian

Pro-lifers should be wary of mandatory counselling before abortion says Francis Philips

'Taliban Catholic'? Moi? You don't know the meaning of the word...

Archbishop Fulton J. Sheen: Servant of All - Movie Trailer

Padre Pio: “If you suffered what I suffered for more than one minute you would be dead”

Padre Pio: “If you are that curious why don’t you take a trip to the other side and find out for yourself!”

Padre Pio's intercession won a cure for a seriously ill child from West Cork

Who are you in this Lent study group?

I gave up being cranky and obnoxious...

Fr Corapi's on dating: "don't think with your hormones"

‘Myself am moved to woo thee for my wife’

Elizabeth Taylor's best film role? 'That wench is stark mad...'

Elizabeth Taylor died today at 79 - the star who nearly became Catholic

Polly's greatest moments


"It is time for self interest in the £60 million abortion industry to cease" says MP Nadine Dorries


Manuel: "I can speak English..."

"You know nothing about the horse...."

Are all the Irish ready to meet St Patrick? St Patrick: "I myself will sit in judgment over the men of Ireland."

Beautiful Tridentine Mass in Cork on St Patrick's Day!

Ann Widdecombe to be special envoy for ACN

The person who got sidelined on St Patrick’s Day?

Sybil: "It's Mr O'Reilly, Basil... O'Reilly is a cut-price, cock-up artist"

Little Flower St Therese finally reaches Jerusalem

Give up yer aul sins - St Patrick

Hail Glorious Saint Patrick

What do Ireland's St Gobnait and England's John Bradburne have in common?

The Ireland after St Patrick: a slave girl is the mother of St Finbarr - Cork's first bishop and St Gobnait scares away rapacious chieftains with beehives