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'Woman Kills Wrongly-Implanted Embryos with Morning-After Pill'

The following is reproduced in full from LifeSiteNews HARTFORD, Connecticut, June 29, 2010 ( – In a disastrous chain of events, a set of “wanted” embryos quickly became “unwanted” after an artificially impregnated women was informed by her fertility clinic that they had accidentally implanted the embryos of another woman by the same name.
The woman’s solution was to take the morning-after pill (which, ironically, pro-abortion forces insist is simply a form of contraception and cannot cause an abortion) and abort the nascent life within her.
The Associated Press reports that the Center for Advanced Reproductive Services at the University of Connecticut Health Center has agreed to pay a $ 3,000 fine over the incident, which took place last April, according to state health records.
Apparently, a lab technician had removed a batch of human embryos from the storage freezer without following proper procedure. She only matched the last name, but forgot to crossche…

'The First Ache'

'You're a pro-lifer yeah?’ he croaked, a white page shaking in his hands. He pushed past me and my friend as we stood on the pavement outside an abortion clinic. ‘Here’s something for you!’ he said as he pasted his white piece of paper to the railings of the clinic. ‘You need to see the other side of the story! Here's the BBC report on why foetuses don’t feel pain!' he said. There was something about his manner that suggested he had been crying. And he couldn’t look at the building. His eyes trailed the ground while his chin was on his chest. He was young enough, but his posture was that of a much older person.
‘Would you have the grace to talk to us, and see how we help women?’ said my friend. I showed him ‘the blue leaflet’ with the sketches of the foetuses, and his breathing became very erratic and he visibly shook when he beheld the sketches. Is it entirely a normal reaction to shake that much when you see a mere sketch of an unborn child? The sheet from the Beebth…

Confession Coincidence

Last Saturday, popping into the Brompton Oratory for Mass, I noted that there was an impromptu confession queue starting. I took a deep breath, ‘it’ll be ok’ I told myself, ‘don’t give the priest your life story complete with anecdotes about your first day at school…tell your sins…and if the priest has some hard things to say…listen!’ I have a tendency to shock myself with the way I repeat the same aul sins, and queue for confession with the same aul litany of sins. Were I to go to the same confessor all the time, he would be paralysed with boredom. It’s actually an act of charity that I go to several different priests. So, while I waited last Saturday, someone else joined the confession queue, gave me a bright smile, and gave me a picture of Our Lady. I thanked them; they continued to smile brightly, they looked like they were really looking forward to going to confession, and their enthusiasm was catching. I went to confession and it was fine. There was no loud argument, no gnashing …

Happy 'Summer Christmas'

I’ve a small tendency to talk about what an Extraordinary Privilege it is attend a daily Tridentine Mass, so much so that someone commented recently, ‘you’d think you were talking about cocaine, not a Mass. Steady on old girl!’
But here I go again…Today, a congregation of 15 came from far and wide to attend a private Tridentine Latin Mass in  Brompton Oratory.Today is the magnificent feast of The Nativity of St. John the Baptist, our ‘Summer Christmas’. After all, the Archangel Gabriel said ‘many would rejoice in the birth of St. John the Baptist’. This was owing to St. John the Baptist’s being ‘the prophet of the Highest; thou shalt go before the Lord to prepare His ways. Alleluia.’ (Gradual Jerem. i. 5,9) During Mass, part of the gradual stirred me; ‘before I formed thee in the bowels of thy mother, I knew thee: and before thou camest forth out of the womb, I sanctified thee’. Before his conception, St. John the Baptist was destined to prepare souls for the coming of Our Lord and to …

European Court's love-in with pro-abortionists

In Ireland, a looming judgment from the European Court of Human Rights is anticipated on the ACB Case, which may or may not ‘recommend’ that Ireland legalise abortion. One of the dubious cases, ‘B’ thinks she may have had an ectopic pregnancy and went to England for an abortion. In anticipation of the judgment, there has been a pro-life awareness campaign, ‘Set the Record Straight’, that has used advertisements to publicise the huge difference between appropriate medical care for treating an ectopic pregnancy, and social abortion. With the ‘judgment’ of the ECHR looming, it has never been more important to stress that treatment for an ectopic pregnancy or cancer that may result in the unintentional death of the baby, is not the same as abortion that is the deliberate killing of an unborn baby.

Re Bishop Moran's letters to me

This morning (19/6) I received a second letter from Bishop Moran, stating that he has offered Mass for Fr. Michael Mary’s intentions and telling me that he does not want me to publish his first letter to me. His first letter outlined why he does not appear to grant permission for a Tridentine Latin Mass in St. Magnus’ Cathedral, Scotland. I don’t mean to seem like a sycophant, but after receiving his first letter, I then wrote for permission to publish it.

I wouldnt' use them for my wedding invites...but...


Increasing body of evidence supporting marriage

One thing about traditional universities, which an online college program still cannot match, is how much interaction you have with the faculty. This can be an advantage, sometimes. But personality can do some strange things to an education. 
Once upon a time when I was in university, I was preparing for a French oral exam and the word going around was that the French faculty were passing and failing students on the basis of their views on marriage. Mademoiselle X would ask a student how important they considered marriage. If the student answered that they thought marriage was very important then he/she got even stickier French questions about how marriage was ‘an outdated institution’. The student who spoke in favour of marriage got perplexing, psychoanalytical questions and had a higher chance of failing. I took the disingenuous approach, I made the French faculty laugh. With my pigeon French I said ‘och, what would I know about marriage, who would marry me anyway? Or if I do mar…

Ladies, you shoulda gone to the barber’s…Chop, chop! Clink, clink of money saved

It was time to embrace the scissors; my Stone Age, hideous hair look was so last season. But faced with the option of spending between sixty and one hundred pounds on getting my hair cut, I was at a loss. One ‘upmarket’ salon charges up to fifty-eight pounds to cut and ‘style’ a fringe. Added to the fact that if you have long ‘feminine’ hair they often tack on expenses. Phew. I forgot about it for a while, and slunk around in a hat that hid the horrors underneath. One day during 8AM Mass at the Oratory, I asked at the Offertory for angelic assistance in finding someone to cut my hair. I reminded myself that we can go to Our Lord for help in matters great and small. Our Lord is so used to my prayer of ‘please God, help my friend, she feels forced into abortion, please give her hope!’ Compared to this mega prayer, I feel petty asking for help with small daily necessities. A few days later, walking along Gloucester Road, I came upon a small, swish looking salon with very minimalist black …

'Neath St. Michael's shield

Maybe I’m being melodramatic, but I believe that recourse to St. Michael was never so necessary. A friend of mine from Ireland recently chided me saying, ‘you’ve not given much attention to your friend St. Michael on your blog, why don’t you put together St. Michael resources? There’s so much fake con artist angel stuff about.’ So, here is a short YouTube video which the official St. Michael prayer, the prayer that we are exhorted to say every day. The above video has some great clips of St. Michael, and I’ve read a lot of accounts in the Tan book ‘Neath St. Michael’s Shield of how efficacious and miraculous images of St. Michael are when used in spiritual warfare.
The prayer in latin; Sancte Michael Archangele, defende nos in praelio. Contra nequitiam et insidias diaboli esto praesidium. Imperet illi Deus, supplices deprecamur. Tuque princeps militiae caelestis, Satanam aliosque spiritus malignos, qui ad perditionem animarum pervagantur in mundo divina virtute in infernum detru…

Damning research shows media bias against Pope Benedict

Surprise, surprise…according to a new Pew Research Centre study into media coverage, newspapers written for the English speaking populations of Europe have had a fixation with the sex abuse scandals in the Catholic Church.  And published three times as many articles on clergy sex abuse scandals as US papers did. Essentially, there was only a third of such reporting on the sex abuse scandals in the American press.
But as we know only too well, the research shows that Pope Benedict was much maligned by the US press. Quotes from the study:  ‘In addition, the media scrutiny this year zeroed in on the pope himself. During the six-week period from March 12 through April 27, Pope Benedict XVI was a major focus of more than half the stories on the scandal in the mainstream U.S. media, including print, radio, network television, cable TV and online news sources.’
And in the mindset of both Catholics and non-Catholics black shadows have been cast on Pope Benedict’s reputation. Censuring Pope Ben…

Blog Names from The Twelve Days of Christmas

The one thing that stopped me setting up a blog years ago was that I couldn’t think up a title. And a lot of erudite Catholics say, ‘you know I would love to set up a blog, but can’t think up a title!’How about blog names inspired by the lyrics of the The Twelve Days of Christmas? One obvious criticism is that the song is intrinsically associated with a set period of the year, the twelve days of Christmas, and generally forgotten by society at large for the rest of the year. If however, we as Catholics recite The Joyful Mysteries a number of times every week, then meditating on the greatness of Christmas is a weekly if not daily occurrence for us, and the joy of Christmastide stays with us all the year through. Also, there is something (I think) endearingly memorable about the song lyrics.
‘Two turtle doves’ refers to the Old and New Testaments, and so a theology blogger may use this. ‘Three French hens’ is the code for Faith, Hope and Charity. ‘Four calling birds’ represents the Four …

BBC 2's When Romeo Met Juliet

I got a pleasant surprise when watching BBC 2’s worthy offering When Romeo Met Juliet. The first programme is about finding a teenage cast of Romeo and Juliet from two very different schools in Coventry. One school, Cardinal Newman Catholic School is a school devoted to the arts where from the student population the actress Juliet and the Capulets are to be found. When the head teacher, Carol Buchanan was introducing her school on film, she confidently said, 'as a Christian community, as a Catholic community we have a belief that we're trying to follow the teachings of Jesus Christ and that will underpin absolutely everything that we do.' There is then a video clip of a statue of Jesus and of Carol Buchanan leading the school assembly with the sign of the cross. You may see the full programmer here
There was a decided bravery in the head teacher’s forthrightness about the school’s Christian ethos, and I have e-mailed Carol Buchanan …