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Proposed abortion legislation in Ireland has united pro-lifers, but is splitting Enda's own party

...I wrote a post on this subject over at The Catholic Herald.

"The fight for marriage is the particular gift that God has given our generation"

If you had no idea that Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone is an Italian-American who had four Sicilian grandparents, his hands would give the game away. From the minute we start talking in the parlour of the London Oratory, he gestures with his fingers and swirls his hands for emphasis. I even wonder whether, if his hands were tied, he would be able to speak.

But speak up he must. Now, as Archbishop of San Francisco, he is one of the most vocal members of the US bishops’ conference in objecting to the re-definition of marriage.
Promoting marriage is not a new mission for the shepherd. As a newly ordained diocesan priest in California, he confronted the situation of preparing young couples for marriage who were not always fully practising their Catholic faith. Then, as a veteran canon lawyer of the Apostolic Signatura, his speciality was the legal points of marriage.

This month he was invited to London in his capacity as a member of the working group on the liturgy for the…

Shoes for Sunday best...

If you go to Mass on weekdays, and not just Sunday, it can be easier to abandon the practice of wearing our 'Sunday best'. If you wear your 'good shoes' to Mass every day, then they soon stop being smart, and are more likely to be scuffed and scruffy. My habit on the weekdays, is to finish my never-ending list of e-mails, meet my deadlines, make appointments for future interviews, and scuttle out the door, at such a fast pace that wearing heels would be a threat to my safety. Wearing heels has been unimaginable in the last number of weeks, the temperature in London has fluctuated from high to low, basically snow would fall, would melt and the temperature would drop again, freezing the wet streets, resulting in lane-ways that were mini ice-rinks.

But yesterday was Sunday, the ground was no longer slippy and snow-encrusted, and so I wore my best shoes. I got these last year for meetings, but I got to thinking that if I keep them for special occasions, then that has to i…

"So you kept the half-door?" Irish film, Irish Folk Furniture wins Sundance award for best animated short.

The director of the film, Tony Donoghue hails from County Tipperary and previously had success with another film, 'A Film from My Parish', which was screened at Sundance in 2009. Yesterday, after winning the award for best short, he described Irish Folk Furniture as 'pure propaganda', because it was made with the intention of getting people interested in Irish dressers, because furniture can be seen as 'boring'. Mike Farah, speaking on behalf of the Sundance jury, he praised the film's 'simplicity' and said it was, 'full of life'. A great achievement of the short is that it captures the natural flow of Irish conversation, including rural accents and the easy-going way of speaking. There's nothing scripted, overly-formal and over-rehearsed about the dialogue.

Fr Peter Carota: like Britain's Fr Thwaites, he will have a profound influence on the Catholic world

Fr Peter was a late-vocation, having been a hugely successful and affluent real estate agent in California, before forsaking his glittering career to found and run a soup kitchen. When he was serving poor people, they mistook Fr Peter for being a priest, and so he followed his childhood dream of pursuing a vocation. As a child, he would role-play as a priest. Ordained a priest in May 1997, ten years later he started offering the Extraordinary Form and has this to say, “Five years ago, the Pope encouraged saying the Latin Mass again. Since saying it these last five years, I have truly understood my priesthood in a totally deeper way as being sacrificial. Above all, I love the reverence and sacredness of this Mass. Jesus is God and truly present in Holy Communion. Therefore we should kneel and receive Him with all reverence that God deserves.”

As of November 2012, he started a sabbatical, and took leave from his Californian parish, with the aim of concentrating his priesthood on makin…

Mass for the late Fr Thwaites, at the London Oratory on 2nd February 2013

Fr Hugh Thwaites
(21 July 1917 –  21 August 2012)
Requiescat in Pace

You are invited to attend a Low Mass in the Extraordinary Form, to be offered by Father Rupert McHardy, in memory of Father Hugh Thwaites, and for the repose of his soul, at
The Little Oratory* Brompton Oratory,
Brompton Road SW7 2RP,

Saturday, 2nd February, at 4.15 p.m.

*The Little Oratory, is the church that is parallel to the main church (on your left as you face the Oratory and to the left of the carpark), and is the building behind the statue of Blessed John Henry Newman. 

The Mass is only ten days away, if you can't attend, perhaps you might like to spread the word about this Mass on Facebook and/or Twitter.

Twitch of the mantilla to The Hermeneutic of Continuity.

Child draws Pope Benedict 'with big arms' so that he can hug all of us. Painting presented to the Pope in Rome.

This video was listed on Luke Coppen's Must Reads, which are a must-read in themselves.

Singing the praises of the man who liberated the Christians... Do we need someone like him today?

The original video is a 1980's classic - not to mention a celebration of dungarees!

The Irish Times - they seem to have a habit of presenting pro-life people as being exclusively elderly and they fail to cover news stories such as the Irish-woman who nearly died in a London abortion clinic