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Pope appoints Kerryman Fr Billy as Magee's successor in the Cloyne Diocese


Dorothy Day (who used protest, "Don't call me a saint") was born 115 years ago today

Today is November 8th, and 115 years ago on this day, Dorothy Daywas born in Brooklyn Heights, Brooklyn, New York. Journalist turned social-activist, she also worked as a novelist (selling the film rights to her novel The Eleventh Virgin), and dabbled in screen-writing. In her youth she worked on a variety of Left-wing newspapers, never quite becoming a Communist. Her circle of colourful friends included Eugene O’Neill and leading anarchist Emma Goldman, who encouraged her to experiment with free love.
Day’s biggest sacrifice came in 1928. Immediately after she baptised her daughter Tamar, the baby’s father, Forster Batterham, left her. She refused to renounce the faith, which had given her solace during psychological problems caused by an abortion.
In 1932 Day met the charismatic Frenchman Peter Maurin. Together they founded the Catholic Workers’ Movement when the Great Depression raged. Day and Maurin set up urban houses of hospitality for the homeless and communal farms t…

The priest who converted thousands...


Happy All Saints' Day... Did you know that All Saints' Day used to be celebrated on May 13th?

This video comes from New Jersey's Pat and Mary, a married couple who 'love history'. The dancing brain at the start of their videos shows that they do not take themselves so seriously as to be insufferable. And there is quite a lot of details - and humour - in such a tiny video.