Padre Pio and Dan Brown (apparently) have something in common. I am not convinced.

Their writing styles! When I put samples of Padre Pio’s writings into the ‘I Write Like’ test, I found that Padre Pio’s writing style is meant to be closest to that of the Catholic-basher, literary fraudster Dan Brown.
Clearly, it’s not content that’s being analysed – rather the ‘style’ or genre. It is interesting that both Padre Pio (for the right reasons) and Dan Brown (for filling his pockets) have caught the attention of the whole world with their writings. But it sounds so far-fetched and ludicrous that the greatest spoof-writer of our times, Dan Brown would have anything in common with a saint who consistently draws our attention to eternal truths.  
With a heavy heart, I here paste the ‘badge’ that popped up when I put in Padre Pio’s letter praising Humanae Vitae. Forgive me Padre Pio. But don't you think it would irritate/annoy the hell out of Dan Brown to know that his writing style is (supposedly) close to that of Padre Pio's?! 

I write like
Dan Brown
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  1. Mary, Not everyone practices what they preach. As Saint Francis said to his monks, "Preach and if necessary use words". Padre Pio spoke when spoken to and spoke when he needed to. He wrote what he thought was useful for the faithful to build up the Kingdom of God. Anyone who cannot see the deeds of Padre Pio in light of what he said, is not worthy of Padre Pio. Let them fall back and fall down on their faces. Let Dan Brown fall flat on his face and hit the cement.

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  3. What Humbug. I put in two different writing samples of mine and both came out that I write like Dan Brown.


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