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Catching sight of the child saved from abortion behind the Christmas tree

Some Christmases ago I had been doing a lot of entertaining in my old flat. As a confirmed introvert I was happy to find I had a morning to myself and so I nipped out into the frosty air and skipped in and out of the central London museums which were bedecked in beautifully classic decorations and lights. Much as I'd had a very happy Christmas with friends spoiling me, that day I was a bit down; very hurt by a professional snub I'd received, dissatisfied with my career prospects and feeling I'd worked so hard and yet felt like an irrelevancy. 

I popped into a crowded café, decorated in red lights and silver tinsel, a plump Christmas tree in the middle with an antique porcelain fairy on top with a wig of yellow curls. To the left of the tree, I saw a small child with glossy dark-hairedlocks of deepest ebony. Coming around the tree I had a clearer look at his face and saw a familiar face in his face, and familiar eyes in his twinkling eyes. He gave me a big …