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Communion in the Hand…'flying fragments’…

I’ve explained how it causes fragments of Our Lord to encrust themselves in the crevices of hands. Then the fragments go wherever the hand goes. And I’ve got patronisingly sympathetic smiles from practising Catholics who tell me I’m ‘too young’ and ‘taking things too seriously’. And the secularists call this ‘nutty’ – we’re so concerned about the fragments of Our Lord’s Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity being scattered in places they should never go. Or are we really that concerned? Some people are adamant that you are only allowed receive in the hand. There is a perception that Communion on the tongue is ‘banned’. One chap in the US said to me, ‘but it’s obedience to the church to let the frag-fragments or whatever ya call them fly! They are flying fragments of God’s love.’ Slight modification; they are God. 
How I usually get into a conversation about Communion in the hand, is that I’m asked why we receive on the tongue in the Tridentine Mass. As in, ‘don’t you think it’s a bit fuddy-…

Your Name is Needed to Oppose the Abortion Ad

The petition is available at: The LifeSiteNews article where I first learned of the petition: Ed West wrote a great article on the abortion ad available at Daily Telegraph blogs:

E-mail to Bishop Moran...

I'm not suggesting everyone send a Mass stipend to Bishop Moran for the intention of Fr. Michael Mary. Fr. Michael Mary was the proposed celebrant for the Mass in St. Magnus' but has yet to be granted faculties to do so, will he be granted them by Bishop Moran? Only time will tell. In the mean time if you wish to pledge your support for a Mass in St. Magnus'...

Anyone wanting to e-mail Bishop Peter Moran (of Aberdeen) may do so at the following address:

Address e-mails to "The Most Reverend Full Name, D.D."

Dear Bishop Moran...

London, May 18th 2010 Your Excellency, Bishop Moran, May this find you well. I am a young Irish Catholic living in London. I spoke with your PA this morning and she invited me to write to you instead of leaving my mobile phone number. I am writing to you regarding a Latin Mass that was envisaged by Una Voce Scotland to take place at St. Magnus’ Cathedral. As a lay person watching the events unfold in the media, it would appear that several anomalies have arisen, namely the use of the cathedral of St. Magnus’, the choice of 'newly reconciled' priests, crucially whether or not the Mass was indeed ‘blocked’ as has been described, and if the Mass may/will go ahead. I will explain my view of things, and would be grateful if you would make brief contact with me at either the address above or the phone number. Una Voce Scotland received permission from The Church of Scotland for a Mass to be held in St. Magnus’ Cathedral, a church that was originally a Catholic church, but has been in t…

May 13 - Archbishop Nichols spends an evening with us at the London Oratory

It was the moment everyone had secretly been hoping for; Liam O'Hara, a young Catholic said to Archbishop Vincent Nichols, ‘I’m questioning his [Gregory Pope] appointment as deputy director to the Catholic Education Service’, then Archbishop Nichols was invited to respond on what he thought of the dubious appointment of the Labour politician. We were seated in the large drawing room in St. Wilfred’s Hall where the monthly meeting for young Catholics is held by the London Oratory fathers. It was during the Q and A section of our archbishop’s talk. I was a tad confused by the Archbishop’s response, but then I’m on the dense side. I’d be interested to know what you make of this, ‘I didn’t know Mr. Pope until recent weeks, and I didn’t have anything directly to do with his appointment….I acknowledge and respect the reality of different political processes and realities…Gregory Pope really loves it that on ballot papers his name is down as Pope Gregory, he really loves that…’ Our archb…

Norman Tebbit 'Clever Mr. Clegg gobbled up the Tories' concessions, then sprang his trap'

During the elections, I was heard melodramatically saying that I would have to be jailed before voting Lib Dem. But even I have to admit that making a home in the Tory tent feels uncertain these days when we are presented with the current potpourri of political ideologies and colours. I get the Conservative Home e-mail every day, but I’m addicted to reading Norman Tebbit to understand the chain of events. I reproduce part of his most current article found on Daily Telegraph blogs. [Update: I've just seen that David Cameron has told the Lib Dems to put up or shut up. That's the right thing for him to say.] The roots of the continental-style electoral shambles afflicting this kingdom go deep. Sufficient to say for the moment that the Conservatives polled 10.6 million votes, more than 3 million fewer than they regularly scored through the postwar era. Lab…

Inspired by the Little climb Mount Kinabalu

Praying to St. Therese of Lisieux, the little Carmelite nun inspires us to good works, some of which are very missionary in character.Today, I received a link to Margy Lee’s blog, where she describes how she and her husband Steve are planning to climb Mount Kinabalu as a fundraising endeavour for the Carmelites in England, notably for the  Carmelite Retreat Centre in Oxford, it needs a boost in finances, to facilitate renovations and for the Carmelite fathers. On her blog (, Margy asks ‘Is there a need for Carmelite work and spirituality in this country, you may ask? To answer that, here’s a little image. Last year when we commemorated the life and works of one of our Carmelite saints, St Thérèse, a young 24 year old French nun who lived in the 19th Century, approximately 300,000 people from all over the UK flocked to the churches where her relics where visiting.’

St. Therese never went on the missions, but her great missionary zeal has been bequeathed to…

Blogger defends Pope Benedict in light of NY Times mendacity


Follow the link above for a very good analysis on the NY Times plot to discredit the pope.

What I would like to know is why the NY Times continues to publish such misleading accounts - haven't they got any pride?

Also, who deserves the pay-check, the NY Times journalists or the bloggers who labour to correct the mendacious analysises of the NY Times?