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What is your Memento Mori? It need not be a skull. Mine is a red bus.

The actof placing a skull on your desk is known as keeping a "Memento Mori" to inspire thoughts of your death. A time-honored practice indeed, some of the big saints such as St Jerome and St Teresa of Avila set a skull before their eyes as a memo of mortality. Perhaps their stainless souls owed a debt to keeping a skull in their sights, shocking their senses into submission to God. 
There is a revival of interest in having a skull as a "Memento Mori." This is quite fascinating considering the absolute flight from the idea of death and aging present in modern culture. There is a poll running to discover how many people know the meaning of "Memento Mori". Sr Theresa Noble was on The Jennifer Fulwiler Show to discuss why she is keeping a skull close at hand.

Day 107 w đź’€ on my desk: 

Die to sin, find life. #mementomori — Sr. Theresa Aletheia (@pursuedbytruth) November 9, 2017

I thought about getting a skull, but my reaction was one of tough indiffe…