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Are you a Catholic who uses social networking sites or blogs? Then this is for you…

Find it, underneath the text.  It’s your invitation to the Guild Meeting.

Every Catholic who blogs and/or uses the new media is very welcome to come along. One of my happiest memories, so far, of 2012, was the 18th of February, the date of our last Guild meeting, held in Blackfen.

This time round, we will be meeting mid September, will assist at a low-Mass in the side chapel of the sumptuous London Oratory and the softly-spoken Fr Rupert McHardy, (a native of Clapham and past-pupil of Ampleforth College) will give a talk. Fr Rupert is a calm, kind-hearted Oratorian, but he does not mince his words, and often makes concise, astute points that can both astonish and enlighten. I attended a talk he gave in Bavaria, during a retreat for pilgrims going to World Youth Day 2005. It was an outdoor talk, during an August afternoon, and we were bathed in golden sunshine, when Fr Rupert spoke about the beauty of ‘the Old Rite Mass’ (as it was called before the 7/7/2007 Motu Proprio), and severa…

Compassion for animals...


"John Paul II gave me a media masterclass..."

Fr Thomas Rosica is a straight-talking, high-powered son of the state of New York. He was born in 1959, the eldest of six children. Growing up in Rochester he was surrounded by his extended Italian-American clan: his parents, siblings, grandparents and great-grandparents.

Medicine and teaching are the two dominant professions in Fr Rosica’s family. But as a child he felt called to be a priest when he was in primary school. It was the Basilian Fathers in his high school who informed his vocation, because of “their simplicity, dedication to secondary education, commitment and fraternity”.

The teenage Thomas Rosica knew he could follow in his father’s footsteps and become a doctor or a teacher like his mother. But as he says: “I knew that one concrete decision is better than 1,000 options. So I decided to spend the rest of my life taking my baptismal promises seriously in the Congregation of St Basil, a community of priests dedicated to the work of evangelisation and education.” Little…