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The Catholic Herald People of the Year 2012


Concerning Savita's tragic death: 'abortion is not a cure for septicaemia' and the full details of her death are not known. But, certainly comparisons to other countries show the claim made by pro-abortion activists that Ireland is 'backward' on maternal health is at best a limited world-view and at worst a mendacious means of manipulating Ireland

"How then do we explain the sensationalist media coverage of her death?" The argument made in Verita Bella's video is that following Savita's death, there was a well-organised, multi-faceted and expertly timed campaign by abortion activists to harangue Ireland about Savita's death, bring Ireland to her knees and make her change the law of the land and make abortion available.

While Savita's name and face have become the slogan and symbol of the pro-abortion lobby to introduce abortion into Ireland, an objective fact is that Savita is not alive to render a complete account of what she said and did at the time, and so there is a lot of reading between the lines. Words and quotes are being attributed to Savita, and these same select quotes are being used to diagnose her condition and the claim that her life would have been saved had she been given an abortion. In the absence of the full facts surrounding her death, and in the dire denial of the question, 'w…

Bishop Buckley: "The child in the womb must enjoy the same rights as all other people, among which is the unassailable right of an innocent person to life."


My visit to the Vatican to interview the Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, "Everyone who is Catholic must ask themselves if they are cherry-picking points from the Church’s teachings for the sake of supporting an ideology."

The scariest thing about visiting the office of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith was getting past the Swiss Guard. It was a wet December day in Rome as I ambled across the cobbled streets, polished with rain, towards the guard who manned the side of the CDF offices, near St Peter’s. The thought of interviewing one of the top members of the Church hierarchy, Archbishop Gerhard Müller, was making my nerves tingle.
Just as I was about to speak to the Swiss Guard, a lady stepped in front of me and started asking him if there was any chance she could meet the Pope. Some minutes passed and, eventually, I had to interrupt: “I have an appointment with Archbishop Müller, may I pass through?” The guard looked at me sceptically. I told him my name and offered him my passport. He nodded and said that I would have to go through security. Going into a little cabin, I met two jolly security officers who gave me less trouble than one receives at an airport. The Swiss Guar…