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Abortion ads: the kibosh put on them?

Some time ago I signed a petition asking the Prime Minister to "Stop abortion advertising on the television."
The Prime Minister's Office has sent me an e-mail outlining the situation vis a vis abortion ads.

Intersperced are my comments, in red.

'Advertising in the UK is regulated through a system of self and co-regulation.  The Advertising Standards Authority is the independent watchdog responsible for administering the strict Advertising Codes to ensure advertisements are legal, decent, honest and truthful.'
‘Decent’? That word sounds very old school, but it’s in an government ‘response’.  
'The Codes are written and maintained by the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP).  As independent bodies, advertising regulation is entirely a matter for these organisations.'
This is why it’s a good idea to hold vigils outside the buildings of these committees.
'CAP and BCAP recently held a public …

Communion on the tongue is the ‘norm’? ‘No!’

Pope Benedict gives First Holy Communion  But away from Rome and during this year 2010... She was standing with one hand outstretched as though she were catching a ball. The priest beckoned to her to come closer, and she moved closer with one hand still extended. I had to pity the priest, as he stood with the precious gold chalice, and bid the girl to kneel and take Communion on the tongue. She shook her head, and murmured ‘no.’ This was a private Tridentine Mass in a London church, and the time of this Mass is not published, so when the girl (she looked like a teenager) wandered in at the time of the Our Father, I’m pretty  sure she did not configure that it was Tridentine. The priest, a little tired, whispered softly, ‘in the Tridentine Mass, the way to receive is on the tongue’. From my position I could see the girl frown and kneel. I was impressed that the priest had affirmed that this was a Tridentine Mass, and had given gentle instruction on how to receive the Host.  In another pr…

Did the then Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger prevent a priest, Fr. Lawrence Murphy, from facing the law for crimes of sexual abuse?

Well, The New York Slime argue a mendacious case that yes, Cardinal Ratzinger did prevent Fr. Lawrence Murphy from being penalised. How does the evidence on The NY Times own website contradicts itself, and make their case based on these sources null and void? And how was The NY Times prioritising individuals with a vested financial interest? The link below answers these questions and more, as well as being an impeccable defence of Pope Benedict. This article by Fr. Raymond J. de Souza explains ‘The [NY Times] story is not true, according to its own documentation.’

Fr. de Souza’s article is first and foremost a portrayal of the now Pope Benedict's blamelessness, but it does not shirk from pointing to the culpability of some ordained Catholic priests who were guilty. Namely Fr. Murphy and his bishop, the infamous Archbishop Weakland. 
Is it just Fr. de Souza who is pointing to Archbishop Weaklan…

The deformed crucifix is the result of one person’s sin, the actual crucifixion was for the sins of all those who have ever lived, and all those yet to live.

It was a blessing that I didn’t notice it before Mass. I walked past the ravaged crucifix without noticing a thing. Had I seen the battered crucifix before Mass, thoughts of how ‘they’ had done such wreck to the figure of Christ would have loomed about my brain during Mass, I would have imagined what implement ‘they’ used, a hammer? A mallet? Ordinary tools that were put to such violent uses when ‘they’ went into Corpus Christi Maiden Lane, and strategically did this.
People who pray in the church may no doubt feel that bit threatened. When ‘they’ did this, it was a direct work of hatred for Christ, but also an indirect attack against all those in their father’s house. I may comment that there is something characteristically satanic about the way the crucifix was vandalised. ‘This is what we think of your saviour!’ Smash! ‘We are not content to let you worship in serenity. We will publically dishonour a crucifix.’  Shatter! ‘Oh, but you’re wasting your time, honouring this dying first…

‘The fruits of Trent’

For St Patrick’s Day, I received a letter from a friend of mine, Dr. Thomas Conlon, who is one of the most erudite Catholics that I knew. In the letter, ‘Dr. C’ (as he is known) explained his current work of scholarship; ‘a translation from Latin to English of a 17th century German scientist called Otto von Guericke, who was the first investigator of the vacuum...Google books have put a lot of facsimiles of old books on here, which has made a certain sort of scholarship much easier than it used to be. In following up references and allusions a think that has become clear to me is the dynamism and energy of the 17th century Jesuits. When people talk of the ‘fruits of Vatican II’, their standard of comparison ought to be ‘the fruits of Trent’.'

‘IVF Companies’ Vs. ‘Ethical Methods’

Some controversy has been generated by my post ‘Lottery: the prize, a human egg’. There are those who feel that I am not sympathetic enough with childless couples. My response; I remain opposed to IVF, simultaneously believing that couples deserve better, and may conceive more easily by virtue of ‘ethical methods’.  ‘IVF Companies’ Vs. ‘Ethical Methods’ Gravity Gardener left a comment on my post ‘Lottery: the prize, a human egg’. The comment invites us to look at the good works done by ‘IVF Companies’ on behalf of childless couples. Yes, I would agree with Gravity Gardener in the sense that there are ‘IVF Companies’ (‘companies’? doesn’t it make conception sound so corporate?) that act generously, and give couples a ‘freebie’ IVF service. Hmmm, ‘companies’; is their business manufacturing babies, and unfortunately discarding some ‘products of conception’ that don’t measure up, embryo dumping, …

'You save money - We save lives'

This is how 'Catholic Values' (‘a brand new price comparison website with a difference’) describe their work. I was delighted today to receive an e-mail from Agostino DiFalco, enlightening me as to the work of Catholic Values.
Agostino DiFalco detailed the organisation as, 'a new non-profit making price comparison website. All the revenue we make (less minimal admin costs) go to pro-life charities. So next time you're renewing your car insurance or any financial service for that matter, if you come to our website and choose your supplier there, you'll save money and know that your transaction has triggered a commission which will go to pro-life causes. Simple. Please spread the word!’ The website also states; ‘Come to us for car, home, health and life insurance, mortgages, credit cards, loans, gas and electricity supply and more...'
What I really like about Catholic Values is that I feel I can trust their financial guidance, and there’s t…

Want to increase research on the Rosary? Take part.

May I draw your attention to an online survey?  Not all online surveys are of equal merit, but I believe that this online survey may hold potential.  I have just completed it, and hope that if enough responses are compiled from Rosary-reciting-Catholics, then actual psychological research into the Rosary will be possible. Not that this research in itself should be cause for reciting of the Rosary. But it will, nonetheless, be publicity for the Rosary.  A comment left by ‘Annonymous’ (on my ‘Scuppered by Scrupolosity’ post) outlines the conditions for who may complete the survey: ‘Are you Catholic and over the age of 18? Have you said the Rosary Prayer at least once in the past year? If so, please take part in an anonymous research study online that examines the place of the Rosary Prayer in Catholic individuals’ lives. To participate in this doctoral research study, click the following link: Participation is anonymous and free of charge.’ The su…

Lottery: the prize, a human egg

Ladies! Interested in becoming egg donors?

Oh, you’re fond of the fags, forget it. A bit on the tubby side? Sorry, love, we won’t be calling you back. D’ya have any childhood pics handy? They’ll be handy eye candy when we are flogging your eggs to couples who’ll want a kid just like you! Right, so, when did you graduate from university? I see, you didn’t get into university? Well, for our programme, you must be a university graduate. No, let me be blunt, people who work at the till in their local pub cannot be accepted for an egg donor. Got it? And by the way we haven’t had many requests for egg donors of your ethnicity. So scoot!

This loosely describes the criteria used by IVF clinics to select 'egg donors'/seller of her eggs. Such a clinic that is in the spot light these days is The Genetics & IVF Institute in Virginia.
This IVF clinic specialises in profiling egg donors by health, upbringing, education and looks. They are now in partnership with the London Bridge Centre …

Mum, whatever you do: don’t read this!

At a recent conference in Modena, Italy, historians evaluated the role some distinguished Catholic mums held in shaping their children’s Catholicity, and their ultimate role in helping their children become saints. St. Pius X’s mother strikes an especially insightful pose; each day she exhorted her children to pray in the morning, and in the evening the family were brought together for an open examinations of conscience. Curé of Ars ascribed momentous importance to the responsibility of mothers in forming faith; "virtue passes from the heart of the mother to the heart of the children," Concerning the historians finding, Fr Zuhldorf has the following analysis. The Catholic News Agency does not have as good a report as Fr Z, but nonetheless, here’s the link. To an extent, I can see the h…

Your Name is Needed to Publically Support Pope Benedict’s Visit


The above petition supporting the Holy Father’s visit has only 8,000 signatures. 
May I invite you all to sign the petition, and encourage others to do the same?  I received an e-mail that advised others to put the petition address in their parish newsletters. Perhaps, we could ask our parish priests to include it in the next newsletter.

On the 'other side', the usual gangsta-imitating bullies are gathering support for their battle against the pope. The National Secular Society are doing their best to encourage bitterness towards the pope.  The Secular Society has an online petition against Pope Benedict’s visit which has already enticed 25,000 signatures. Let's hope that number has peaked.  'Make the Pope Pay' is the corny title of their petition, which sounds very gangsta and East End mob-ish. The National Secular Society sound like a group of knuckle-duster brandishing money lenders, who are willing to go to any me…

Babies Saved; Miracles of the Miraculous Medal

Once, a very shy pro-lifer was trying her best to tell a young pregnant mum and her friend about the baby’s development. The girls just laughed in her face, and every effort to inform as to the personhood of the baby, that the little mite’s heart had been beating since 18 days or the visual image of the embryo at eight weeks were mocked.

The counsellor felt saddened and very low because the girls spoke so flippantly about the abortion. She decided to pass the matter over to Our Lady by giving each of the girls a Miraculous Medal to wear. To the counsellor’s surprise the girls wore the medal around their necks, but jeered at the mere idea of keeping the baby, and the pregnant mother brashly said that she would be having an abortion asap. Many months later, the same girls sought to speak to the same pro-life advisor. The pregnant mother was now heavily pregnant, looking forward to the birth, and still wearing the Miraculous Medal.

Two seasoned pro-life advisors told me; a chief factor o…