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Why don't the greens go Amish?

Reducing one's carbon footprint? It always bemuses me that those who deride the human race as carbon creating, Planet Earth wrecking monsters are the very people who never say that the Amish people are good role models. Surely, the Amish should be green heros? The size of an Amish person's 'carbon footprint' would be the size of a four week old embryo.

Those who say that Global Warming is due to ONLY to man-made carbon will really have to practice what they preach and become like the Amish. No electricity. No telephones. No gas-guzzling cars. Oh, and no buttons on clothing. Ah, but the Amish are a Christian sect, and being followers of the first century Jewish carpenter, they aren't really likey to impress the atheistic green movement.

Weird Al Yankovic’s song ‘Amish Paradise’ ought to become the theme tune of the Green movement.

As I walk through the valley where I harvest my grain
I take a look at my wife and realize she's very plain
But that's just perfec…

Meet Van Rompuy-stiltskin

Since the Kremlin inspired election of Herman Van Rompuy to the EU presidency, we’ve seen a media magic act to transform a cagey, conniver into a grandfatherly and devout figure. He’s been described as a naive Catholic, who was bustled into the job of president by head honchos Sarkozy and Merkel. But faith without good works is dead. And do Van Rompuy’s works match that of a faithful Catholic? Van Rompuy was a member of the government that signed a diabolic abortion bill in Belgium in 1990. Van Rompuy is coy about his pro-abortion position saying he support ‘the lesser of two evils’. Van Rompuy’s government passed a bill to denounce Pope Benedict’s stance that abstinence, not condoms is the best health practice for Africa as ‘unacceptable’. Rompuy believes condoms ‘save lives every day’. So Van Rompuy thinks condoms (that fail at least one in ten times) are a grand panacea and that he has a right to tell the pope what to do? Oh, he’s more Rompuy-stiltskin than Roman Catholic.

Van Romp…

Ignorance is strength...

In Orwell’s 1984 society are forbidden from learning history but only the made-up ‘history’ that their totalitarian leaders think that they ought to know. Sound familiar? Perhaps people accept our ‘over-powerful, over-regulating, social-worker state’ simply because they know no comparison; the past is a foreign country, literally! The learning of history has been down-graded in schools, British leaders spend their time apologising for ‘mistakes’ Britain made, instead of ever inviting their electorate to take pride in the country’s achievements, and the left show selective amnesia about the past.Were anyone to ask a GCSE student about the glorious role of Britain in World War II, they might not even know Britain fought in WWII. A slogan in 1984 was Ignorance is Strength.No, the past is blackened to make theCCTV present look gleaming white. The mood is; ‘it was all so repressive in the past, things are much better now!’ It is a social faux-pas to ever claim that previous generations di…

Ireland may not remain a tiny green speck forever


The following was published in The Catholic Herald, 12/12/09

Ireland may not remain a tiny green speck forever
British pro-lifers must rush to the aid of their embattled Irish counterparts, says Mary O'Regan12 December 2008
You may be familiar with a map of Europe coloured red, green and yellow. Most of the map is awash with red: the countries with liberal abortion laws. Poland is yellow, its laws allowing for exceptions. But out in the Atlantic, pro-life Ireland is coloured green. The visual effect is astonishing: how did it come about?

In 1967 it was assumed inevitable that Northern Ireland would implement the Abortion Act. Not only does it not apply there today, but "antediluvian" Victorian legislation - the Offences Against the Person Act - is still in place in Ireland, criminalising all social abortion. A doctor performing abortions in England or France is just another doctor; in Ireland he risks imprisonmen…

Irish newspaper uses statements by British pro-abortion activists to undermine its readersip

Above: baby born at 22 weeks

Sir, As a Corkonian journalist living in London, I felt ashamed reading your report (7/12/09) championing the views of rabidly pro-abortion campaigners such as Ann Furedi and Patricia Lohr. Frankly, I don’t see the British papers going to pains to interview Irish pro-abortion activists. Furedi is a fan of late abortions, having written in 2008 ‘women’s need for abortion should be met irrespective of foetal viability’. In effect, Ms. Furedi would like the legalised killing of a baby who has been in the womb for 24 – 40 weeks, while a baby next door in the ward may be born prematurely at 22 weeks. It’s all fine and dandy for Dr. Lohr to complain that there is not services for women who are post-abortion in Ireland. Dr. Lohr should practice what she preaches. Here in London, I have at least twenty friends who have gone back on the day that their child would have been born to the door of a BPAS abortion clinic. They also go back when the child would have start…