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Would YOU join us in asking Padre Pio’s intercession for my good friend who is being assailed by cancer?


Eat the rich? Why not eat the proud?


The prayer that Padre Pio said everyday for his followers and those who asked his prayers...

In the wake of my post about Gemma di Giorgi, the 'blind' woman who had no pupils, but who was able to see after Padre Pio interceded for a miracle, people have been asking, 'what prayers do we say to Padre Pio?!"

There have been many prayer requests left after this post and this one. Dear Readers, Please pray for the souls who have left their prayer intentions as blog comments.

Every morning, I offer the novena to the Sacred Heart.  I suggest that people wanting to pray to St Pio, pray the same prayer that Padre Pio said everyday for the intentions of those who petitioned his prayers.

Two moments awakened in Pope Francis a deep devotion to Our Lady

Ten years ago I read about Our Lady’s request at Fatima that we say a daily rosary. At first I flinched at the notion of saying one every day. I thought it impossible; I’d never have the time, the concentration or the patience to meditate on five decades each day. But it got easier. Now, even if I have worked for 12 hours, and struggle to fit in the five decades, I still manage it, even if I forfeit sleep or a social occasion or have to eat a late dinner and pray the rosary at the same time.

But I’d never measure up to Pope Francis.

Our Pope recites 15 decades of the Rosary every day, three times that which Our Lady asked for at Fatima. Two days ago he tweeted that the month of May is dedicated to Our Lady and it is “fitting” to start the habit of a daily rosary now. The rosary is a time-honoured prayer and difficult to say, but by promoting it, Pope Francis is giving people the means to win graces that will enable them overcome their problems. One of the 15 promises given those who r…

Padre Pio is confronted with a dead baby in a suitcase, and restores the babe to life