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Thanks to St Raphael, I got an Honours Degree


Shouting matches will not reconcile the SSPX with Rome

It is a cause for joy. This week Bishop Fellay met with the Prefect of the CDF Cardinal Müller for the first time since the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI.
There has been one unacceptable development. Catholics around the globe have reacted – as though they have no part to play in the reconciliation process. 

We are wrong to place all the responsibility for reconciliation on the shoulders of the Church hierarchy and the SSPX leaders. 

There’s a simple test for every Catholic to see if they are helping or hindering the reconciliation. If you are a supporter of Cardinal Müller, could you pray for Bishop Fellay? Most tellingly, could you pray for the SSXP parishioners?

If you are a supporter of Bishop Fellay, are you willing to pray for Cardinal Müller? Or, if you only attend the SSPX, could you pray for Catholics who attend the Novus Ordo exclusively?

Perhaps the greater worldwide reconciliation between isolated Traditionalists and mainstream Catholics has to start with praye…

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