Padre Pio knew when someone asked for his blessing

Every night a married lady knelt before a photo of Padre Pio, and asked his blessing. Her husband was considered a good Catholic, but thought that her kneeling in front of a photo and asking for a blessing  was far-fetched. He laughed and teased her every time that she knelt. Once he told Padre Pio about his wife’s habit.  “Every evening my wife kneels in front of your photo and asks you to bless her.”  Padre Pio answered, “I know, I know…and you start laughing.”


  1. Mary, what a great Saint he is, but somehow, I do not believe the Church gives him enough credit (perhaps not surprising as he lived under the shadow of sceptical Bishops at one time).
    Many thanks for the excerpts from his life, they have re-awakened my devotions to St Pio.

  2. You're right about the sceptical bishops. I have read some non-Catholics saying that Padre Pio wasn't genuine because of the way the bishops treated him.

    I will also be doing a post - when I've got the right research done - on Padre Pio imitators and imposters.

    A friend of mine found it difficult to take Padre Pio seriously because she had encountered some 'mystics' that were feigning all sorts of special supernatural abilities and were compared to Padre Pio! This friend took a leap of faith, started praying to Padre Pio, and has received many blessings and favours as a result. Thank you St. Pio!

  3. On Facebook please visit, Become a Spiritual Chils of St. Padre Pio. You will find daily quotes from this great saint.

    Ed Mello

  4. I am a non catholic, coming from the Greek orthodox church, but I am sure he is holy man and rests in God's presence right now. I know only few about his life, but from what I know, his life is compared to many holy saints and monks in the orthodox church who had extremely deep spiritual life.

  5. Padre Pio, thanks for being there with me in the middle of the sea when I have no one o talk to. thanks for being there with me in the coldest nights I had in my life, where I had no one to talk to in the midst of great loneliness. Thanks for all the blessings through your intercessions.Please continue to pray for me, that God may grant me the faculties I need to accomplish whatever HE wants me to fulfill! Amen! Glory to God!


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