Padre Pio: “remove also the pictures of the bad women in the drawer of the table at home”

In the past number of days, as preparation for an anti-porn newspaper article, I have been reading lots of research on the devastating effects which porn addiction (known also and simultaneously as ‘sex addiction’) may wreak on the lives of the individuals and couples.
As part of on-going research, and over several years, I have interviewed women whose men folk are fixated with porn. Often times, the women are left with no option but to break off the relationship. Some women who are by no means religious have quipped that ‘I wish someone had stopped my boyfriend becoming so totally preoccupied with porn. He spends more time with it – up to eight hours a day – than he ever does with me!’
At times doing the research, I have come across the usual old sops for porn; ‘people who don’t like porn are cold prudes’. I’ve kept in mind how my spiritual hero was very firm with men when he told them to rid their lives of porn. Once a young man came to Padre Pio for a blessing, but Padre Pio looked at him intensely and said: “Remove your communist partnership card from your wallet (it was the time when the Russian communist regime was persecuting the Catholic Church) together with the photos of those bad women that you jealously preserve. Are you not ashamed by such photos?”
The man said: “Yes, I am”
“And since you have intention to do cleaning, remove also the pictures of the bad women in the drawer of the table at home.”
Here is one woman's testimony 'Porn was my husband's mistress', she wrote it for The Irish Times.


  1. Lust is the worst demon of all because he preys on the most instinctive sexual drive in men and women to procreate. Pope John Paul II wrote a book titled, "Love and Responsibility". Sexuality must also be handled with love and responsibility in order for it to be Holy. When men or women become irresponsible with their sexuality, they give their whole body over to lust and they die sexually to procreation with God as long as they persist in sin.

  2. Roy Sheehan
    Women and men in marriage need to understand also that it is not good to deny your spouse sexually for long periods of time or without mutual consent as that denial leads either to unfaithfulness in marriage. For those who are single, it is... neither good for them either to deny the sexual urgings to procreate as Saint Paul states, "that they burn with desire". The desire of the single to marry and procreate should be satisfied with a desirable partner in marriage as soon as it can be arranged. Of course there are those who feel no sexual urgings and for them, they are far less tempted by the evil spirit of lust, than those who have made the commitment of perpetual vow of marriage.

  3. "Of course there are those who feel no sexual urgings and for them, they are far less tempted by the evil spirit of lust, than those who have made the commitment of perpetual vow of marriage."
    >>>isn't the evil temptation of sexual urgings just the biological reactions of the body? "those less tempted" are just people who have no sexual desire, either because of hormones levels, or any other physical cause, not spiritual!
    how does someone expect a single person, especially teenage boys from age 13 to around 25 (saying they got married at 25), so how does God, or the POpe or anyone expect them to remain pure at least 13 years before marriage, but then "don't deprive your partner in marriage from sexual relationships because that may lead to unfaithfulness.!" so a teenage boy can hold 13 years, but a married man can't hold say 6 months?

  4. We have a software company that can help individuals deal with online addictions. I would encourage you to check out what we are doing to assist people struggling.

    Mary I would have emailed you a request to see what we are doing, but could not find an email address.

  5. Also one of the things least known about, and talked about it the large number of women who are also addicted to porn...Catholic, and non Catholic alike.

  6. Here's a great Catholic website for your friends who might be struggling with porn:

  7. The teenage years for boys are very trying, indeed. But they shape a boy into a man who is strong and able to resist evil. There are times in everyone's life where we need to practice self control. The teenage years are not a time for giving into temptation. That's how we make wimps, not men!

  8. Porn is evil no doubt about it. My mom and step father own pornoshops and I have started a blog about what life was like as a kid knowing what they did. Though it was off-limits to kids I found their stash, got addicted for many years but now am free from the addiction thanks be to God! My heart is not 100% pure but God has shown me the evil of pornography which I had not know for many, many years.


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