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"You do know you're a horse, like?"

Ever wondered how people from Cork (the People's Republic of Cork, like) speak? Wonder no more.  In this cartoon, as the Cork horse gets more anxious about jumping over the puddle, he uses filthier language, so if you would rather not hear this, stop at 0:54.  For other examples of a Cork person who speaks with an authentic accent, look no further than Roy Keane.

Looking for Amazing Nuns...

Hello Readers!

Do you know (or know of) a nun that is deserving of the adjective 'amazing'?  She can be living in any part of the world and can be old or young.   It would be great to have variety, and you might get in touch to tell me about a nun who is following in the footsteps of Mother Theresa and feeds starving children a simple breakfast or she may be an academic nun in the way Edith Stein had a number of secretaries to whom she dictated her philosophical works.

I'm researching dynamic sisters with the view to doing mini-biographies of nuns who are setting a higher standard for religious life.  For some decades there have been less women going for religious life, perhaps because they had the idea that it was limiting, confining and that they would not be able to accomplish great deeds. But to counteract this stereotype of nuns as a controlled and fettered group of women who are prevented from developing their gifts and talents because of the constraints of the conve…

Baby of Fruit

I find this image fascinating and have studied it to see how the artist put together all the parts to make it represent a baby in a cot.  Isn't it amazing, that an image of a fruit-baby can hold our attention and cause us to pause and admire its cuteness?  It reminds us of how much more the the real, kicking, screaming, gurgling and smiling baby can captivate our senses.

Meet 10 of the World's Most Amazing Priests

1. Fr Andrew Apostoli

Fr Andrew Apostoli was a leader in the founding of the Franciscan Friars of the Renewal, a strict order that lives the austere Franciscan life to the letter. They seek to live among the poorest of people and have a policy that if a local community improves and becomes wealthier, then they must leave and move to a more deprived area. They have a house in the suburbs of Limerick city in Ireland and in the South Bronx of New York.
In 1988, Fr Andrew influenced the founding of the Franciscan Sisters of the Renewal.
A regular host on EWTN, Fr Andrew is a world expert on the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. Ignatius Press published his book Fatima for Today, which offered rebuttals to Fatima campaigners who argue that the Third Secret has not been fully revealed. Fr Andrew uses the story of Fatima to illuminate many complex subjects, and believes that, if properly understood, the fact that Our Lady appeared at Fatima should lead to better relations between Christians a…