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The art of wearing a pint of Guinness on my head...

A very happy St Patrick's Day to all my readers and dear friends

Catholic journalists and bloggers have a duty to tell the truth about Francis

The secular media are in love with a pope of their own creation...

Over at The Catholic Herald, I wrote a blog calling on Catholic writers to seize the golden opportunity before them.  

It was only a year ago I felt very out-of-place among my secular journalist friends. They found it painful to hear of my affection for Benedict and were very critical of him. Now, Pope Francis has spent one year in office. Amazingly, I find myself on the same page as writers in the mainstream media. But if I’m brutally honest, fondness for Francis is the only thing that an unfashionable writer like me and more liberal writers have in common.

For one thing, my peers are in a state of total disbelief when they hear His Holiness will not allow women to become priests. They say something to the effect that, “Pope Francis is so open-minded – he’ll change Church teaching utterly!” Then they point out stories from a media powerhouse that supports their claims.

Most people see Pope Francis solely through the…

A favourite quote from Pope Francis


Pope Francis's Vocation Story

The future Pope was 16 years old and in love. It was 1953 and he had met the young woman he hoped would agree to be his wife. The day of September 21 dawned and he was summoning the nerve to ask his sweetheart to marry him at an al fresco lunch that his school held every year. Walking to the event, he passed his local church and felt compelled to drop in for a visit. 
On entering the church, Jorge noticed a priest he had never seen before. It was Fr Duarte, a cleric who was very ill and slowly approaching death but who still exuded an infectious holiness. He asked him to hear his Confession. It was to be a moment that his life changed forever. 
As he spoke to Fr Duarte his soul was filled with a yearning to offer his life to the Church. He would renounce his sweetheart and give all his love to the Church. In his 2010 book-length interview with Sergio Rubin, the then Cardinal Bergoglio reflected: “In that Confession, something very rare happened to me ... It was a surpris…

Be happy for me, I have met the perfect...

Image Finally and at long last it has happened to me. After years of chasing dogs in the London parks, asking owners if I could pat the heads of their pooches, and admiring tail-waggers that were near-perfection, but not quite perfect, I met this spirited Italian greyhound.

I had never met one before; they have exceptionally lean legs as though they had leggy chicken ancestors, and a tail shaped like the hook at the end of an umbrella. The bubbly creature that I met has a very sweet-temperament, a lively wit and keen intelligence. By 'lively wit', I mean that she listens very careful when people around her are having a conversation, and wags her tail when the air is filled with laughter.

Never have I met a dog quite so alert and socially intuitive, as she moves her head to the rhythm of the cadences of the voices around her. Alas, she is not mine, but one day I might just get one exactly like her. In the meantime, take it from me - Hyde Park and the Bayswater area are the …