Detailed Book on Padre Pio’s Stigmata and his Miraculous Gifts

Padre Pio The Stigmatist
The Stigmatist
By: Fr. Charles M. Carty
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Padre Pio The Stigmatist. Famous for the stigmata, Padre Pio (d. 1968) possessed many other miraculous gifts. Describes his reading of hearts, conversions, celestial perfume, prophetic insight, bilocation, cures, etc. 120 fascinating pictures. An all-time favorite of our customers! 368 pgs.   Click here for details on buying this book. 

This book is very comprehensive, detailed and the author Fr. Carty has enormous respect for our dear St. Pio. However, I would recommend this book for someone who already prays to Padre Pio and knows something of his background. It might be too much too soon for someone who knows nothing about Padre Pio.
If you are trying to ‘introduce’ someone to Padre Pio, then it’s probably best policy to invite them to pray to Padre Pio, and then read about Padre Pio later.
When friends of mine are in need (they need a new job, or are having difficulty paying the rent), I show them the Padre Pio novena to the Sacred Heart. We usually bless ourselves with Lourdes holy water (Padre Pio loved Lourdes holy water and would kiss a bottle of Lourdes holy water) and then say the novena. Even if the prayer request/intention is not answered immediately, saying this prayer really inspires hope. In recent weeks, two friends of mine was going through a series of job interviews, and said the novena prayer so that they would get jobs. They both got the jobs that they were being interviewed for! Many thanks Padre Pio.Bottom of Form


  1. Mary, thank you so much for your wonderfully uplifting blog. I am in the same situation as your two friends undergoing interviews, and will make use of the same remedy as you and Padre Pio propose! Please remember me in your prayers at Mass.

  2. The interview process can be very hard on the nerves, not to mention exhausting. Be assured of my prayers, Philip. In the past, I have asked St. Anthony to find the work, and then asked Padre Pio to help me get the job.

  3. "If you are trying to ‘introduce’ someone to Padre Pio, then it’s probably best policy to invite them to pray to Padre Pio, and then read about Padre Pio later."

    I think you're absolutely right. What you say applies to all the saints, in fact. As the term "communion of saints" implies, we get to know the saints first and foremost by entering into communion with them (above all through prayer), and only secondarily be reading about them.

  4. I've enjoyed this book for a long time, picking it up every now and again.

    I like the St. Anthony + St. Pio recipe to find work :-)

  5. Great blog, Mary. Padre Pio is strong stuff, indeed for anyone new to the Faith. You are right, he does need a gradual introduction.

  6. mary im a single mun with Ms, my young daughter has just had a baby who is very sick. Her mother is far from God and i want her to return to the Church and have her daughter baptized. I do pray every day but all MY efforts are in vain, please bring us throught the intersession of Padre Pio at the Consecation of The Mass. Ive just come across this site and think its wonderfull, i also agree with your views on Europe...Please pray for us and i will pray for you. God bless. x

  7. I had never heard of Padre Pio until I decided to purchase this book at my favorite Catholic store. It is a lot to take in; so much that I had to read sections one to three times to absorb the meaning. It was well worth the time. His acts of piety and charity are so moving and motivating that it strengthened my own faith. I strongly recommend this book.

  8. Thank you Diana for getting in touch. I'm so glad to hear that you recommend this book. May Padre Pio interceed for you, and God bless you always

  9. Please Mary, pray for me, like your friends, I also need a job and I have been praying the Sacred Heart novena to no avail, I am desperate, I need to contribute to the house before my husband kills himself working 2 to 3 jobs a week to try and keep the house and pay the bills. I need this desperatly, please help me with Padre Pio, thank you


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