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Finding Solace in Solanus

The winds of a Wisconsin Winter swirled round one Bernard Casey who felt lost.The young 26-year-old had been dismissed from a seminary which was dubbed ‘the German Seminary’ because the classes for the seminarians were conducted in German so they could minister to the multitudes of German immigrants. But young Casey had not mastered the Teutonic tongue. Concurrently, newspaper reports posited that the German seminary was ‘inhospitable’ to Irish Catholics such as Casey who was the sixth child born to Irish immigrants. Next Casey sampled life in a Capuchin friary only to feel his call confused because of his disgust for the unkempt beards of the friars. Casey was a fastidious young man who did not want to be a priest with a mane of wayward whiskers.

Now directionless, young Casey invited his mum and his sister to join him in offering a novena in the days leading to the Feast of the Immaculate Conception for the intention that he would be inspired as to the steps he was to take in pursui…

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