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Of your love, please pray for my friend Sonia on her birthday

Today is my friend Sonia's birthday and of your love please pray for her intentions. The photo you see is of us celebrating my 30th birthday.

We first got to know each other in 2012 when we were housemates. She was made famous by my mention of her in such posts as this one where I expounded on the value of a rope ladder and here where I spoke about being suspended between Heaven and earth.

She has forgiven me for making her a household name, and now that she has relocated to Spain she still has to dodge reporters who hound her as she leaves her home asking as to her super-shopping ways. I can't meet her in Kensington Palace Gardens for long walks, but she sends me letters written in her beautiful handwriting, telling me of her new adventures in Santiago de Compostela.  On this day we thank God for her life, let us remember Sonia's intentions in our most heartfelt prayers.

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