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Padre Pio: "Hypocrisy is the greatest evil of our time"

Padre Pio said to American soldier Bill Carrigan in 1945: "Hypocrisy is the greatest evil of our time. It exists in all levels of our society, in high places and in low places."

Just this week I came across this quote from Pio decrying hypocrisy at 'all levels' of society. I found it when doing ever deeper research on the Stigmatist of the Gargano, and for the first time in a long time I was startled by Padre Pio's words, especially since reading it just after posting my last piece on avoiding a hypocritical prayer life when I was asking myself if hypocrisy is all that bad. It was like Padre Pio was putting a stop to my second-guessing.

I have been studying the life of Padre Pio for some time and am doing this rather forensic inquiry in preparation for editing my book on Padre Pio, which while a finished draft of work needs added analysis in places, and I have found that there is a huge body of quotes from him that don't quite get the attention of his more …

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