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Frank Rega's Amazing Miracles of Padre Pio...

…is available at the Spirit Daily bookstore

This book is sweet wine for the soul, a riveting collection of miracles worked by Padre Pio. The prodigies which could be seen by the human eye include a young man struck down in the prime of youth by a most devastating tumor when cloth that had touched Pio's body touched the young fellow and he was healed, and the time Padre Pio went by bilocation into the hallowed halls of the Vatican and limped towards Pius XI entreating His Holiness not to censure him so much that all his faculties as a priest would be stripped, and his ministry would be finished with his reputation in ruin. Frank Rega rightly classifies each occasion when Pio was seen to use his charisms and gifts as being miracles, and for this alone he has done the study of the life of Pio a great service, for mystical gifts such as bilocation just like inexplicable healings are always miraculous.

The most extraordinary miracle in the book could not be perceived by human eyes whe…

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