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Heroic Midwife defied the Nazis and saved hundreds of newborn babies in Auschwitz, no mother died under her care and she used a secret system to help mothers and babies re-unite.

Her name was Stanislawa. But why was Stanislawa working as a midwife in Auschwitz? Well, she didn’t send her CV there. The fact is that her husband had been producing fake IDs for Jews hoping to escape. When this was discovered, his wife and family were arrested. Stanislava and her daughters were sent to Auschwitz. Here is a Must Read Report From LifeSiteNews on Stanislawa’s apostolate in Auschwitz

The late Polish midwife Stanislawa Leszczynska will be honoured in a display at the 5th World Prayer Congress for Life in Rome next month for her heroic efforts in saving hundreds of newborn babies from a brutal end at Auschwitz.
Before she arrived at the camp in April 1943, all the newborns of prisoners in the infamous Nazi concentration camp were drowned and allowed to be ripped apart by rats before his or her mother’s eyes. But, as Matthew M. Anger reports in his article ‘Midwife at Auschwitz’, Leszczynska refused to carry out the Germans’ order to kill the babies –

Padre Pio’s Advice: Pray to St. Michael the Archangel Part One

The following account was found here In the early 1950's, my brother, Francis Briguori, made a trip from Naples to San Giovanni Rotondo to see Padre Pio. He was able to make his confession to him. While making his confession, he told Padre Pio that he wanted to join the Navy but did not think he would be accepted because he had a heart defect.  Padre Pio looked at him with a very piercing gaze and said, "Tu Vai, Kapish!"which means, "You go, do you understand!" At the end of the confession Padre Pio told my brother to pray to St. Michael the Archangel. He said to my brother, "Michael is your name, too." My brother's name is Francis Mario Michael Briguori. He was so completely taken aback that Padre Pio knew his name that when he left the confessional, he told all the people waiting in the sacristy, "I can't believe it, he knew my name!"
Right after that, my brother enlisted in the Navy. On the day that he went in for his medical exa…

Padre Pio: The first priest to receive the wounds of Christ on the cross

I’m still merrily digging up You Tube videos on Padre Pio. Some of the videos seek to discredit belief in Padre Pio. Such videos wreak of vinegary sourness. Photos of Padre Pio are presented with very bitter voice-overs with a syllogism such as there’s no one like Padre Pio in the Bible, so Padre Pio cannot be genuine. No One like Padre Pio in the New Testament? Truly – were not the wounds that supernaturally manifested themselves on Padre Pio first born by Christ? And was not Christ, True Man and True God? That is not to say that Padre Pio was the Second Coming. Rather, Padre Pio was worthy of the gift of Christ’s wounds.
This short documentary has a very wobbly picture, and is perhaps best watched on the small screen. The narrator, however does a splendid job of ably connecting the earliest life of this great saint to the stigmata he endured first at the age of 24 and then more publically and profoundly at the tender age of 31 in 1918. The documentary does not describe that for the…

The St. Benedict Medal cured this sheepdog of a cruel wound

It looked like my sheep dog had been attacked with a sword. There was a gaping wound on the side of her back and the skin was curling around it in grey cuffs. Thank God, no one called the animal rights activists! But how on earth had this happened? Later I found out that while my father had been cooking at the stove, our sheepdog Polly had darted at him, started rounding up his legs (like my Dad was a sheep…) and Dad lost the grip on a pan which fell with its contents on Polly. Polly had scarpered into some bushes and was feverously licking her wound. A trip to the vet, expensive treatments and a dog collar to keep her from attacking her wound… But some weeks later it was no better. She was still not eating, and had a type of doggy depression. And her duties were falling by the wayside! Polly is a ‘working dog’ in that she ‘looks after’ my brother who has autism. If he finds himself in difficulty, she alerts someone to come to his aid. Literally, Polly will go to one of my parents, ba…

Plans for ‘boycott’ of Mass backfire – Mass attendance was the same if not higher!

Friends of mine have been on the phone to tell me the church in Clonakilty – the church that Jennifer Sleeman boycotted today – was much fuller than usual. All around Ireland, the attendance at Mass held and was higher in certain areas. Also see Jakian Thomist's comments on my previous blog that state that  the protest simply didn't happen. What is interesting is that Jennifer’s ‘boycott’ captured the attention of secular news agencies such as the BBC, and from all around the world. But why did the media at large ignore the large group of committed Catholic ladies who went to the Clonakilty Church today to show their support for the Catholic Mass, and for Mass in this provincial West Cork town? I remember this church from the time that I would pop in as a school girl in West Cork.
The Irish bishops urged people not to ‘boycott’ Mass this weekend. Jennifer Sleeman has commented that this was a sign of how fearful the bishops were that her ‘boycott’ would take hold. This is self-c…

Women acting like spoilt children decide that Sunday Mass is a mere political football, that by organising a ‘boycott’ of Mass, they can win women's ordination

And forgive me for seeming obsessed with this stuff, but I’ve had to do lots of research on this because I wrote an article against this ‘boycott’ of Holy Mass for an Irish newspaper.It’s all started in Cork, but it’s going global by virtue of the internet.Jennifer Sleeman, a spirited octogenarian from West Cork is calling on women in her home town, and all over the world to stay at home this Sunday and ‘boycott’ Mass. Jennifer is an active member of her small-town Clonakilty and the mother of a monk. Jennifer’s game is that if enough women refuse to go to Mass, there will be so many empty pews that the Vatican will get scared and start ordaining women. Jennifer Sleeman’s famous declaration being “whatever change you long for, recognition, ordination, the end of celibacy, which is another means of keeping women out, join with your sisters and let the hierarchy know by your absence that the days of an exclusively male-dominated church are over.” “By your absence” – this is her inspir…

Dónal Enright, a witness to many miracles of Padre Pio, when Padre Pio lived on this earth, and now as St. Pio intercedes for us from his heavenly home

--> “You must go to your child” said Padre Pio to a young man who had come to see him. Padre Pio could ‘read souls’ and knew when he met this young man that he had previously fathered a child, but had left the mother to bring the little boy up by herself. The young man had not expected the friar to be so direct – and to know that out there was a mother with a little boy who did not know his father. “You must go to your child” repeated Padre Pio. The young man left his other girlfriends, and went on to marry the lady who had borne his child.

I learned this account (and many others) from one Dónal Enright, native of Passage West, Co. Cork when I visited him. Dónal is almost finished writing an epic book on his time with Padre Pio. The book will include many pro-life stories, and gripping revelations of how Padre Pio intervened to save babies from abortion. Dónal gives talks and receives visitors to his home and describes miracles worked by Padre Pio. We may ask why these particula…

Padre Pio saw the Blessed Virgin Mary at one side of the altar when he offered Mass. Of prayer St. Pio said, "even God needs our prayers"


Archbishop Nichols addresses an enormous congregation at the London Oratory Mass of Thanksgiving for the papal visit

After work, I dashed over to the London Oratory for the Mass of thanksgiving for the papal visit. I was just in time for Archbishop Nichols’ sermon. Verily it was like Christmas day, the pews were packed and everyone looked joyful – and thankful for the amazing success of Pope Benedict’s visit. I, the old cynic, had not expected there to be so great a crowd. I always find people are slower to give thanksgiving, like the way only one leper out of ten came back to thank Our Lord. But not tonight! People assembled at the sides of the church too, and hung on the Archbishop’s every word.
A religious, who is a good friend of mine recently remarked that she finds ‘that gathering at the Oratory elitist and really only one sort goes there – all tweed and wads of dosh.’ But a brief sconce at the congregation for tonight’s Mass of thanksgiving showed both young and older generations from every walk of life and social class (I hate the word ‘class’). The United Nations couldn’t have beaten the …

Her Majesty greets our Pope in Holyrood Palace

We’ve just had a wonderful ‘Evening of Preparation’ for our Pope’s visit to Britain! Our Parish looks towards Hyde Park, and we prepared ourselves especially for participating in the prayer vigil.

I walked from my home to the 6pm Mass at the Carmelites in Kensington. There was a little over an hour to go before I would give a talk on Pope Benedict. In my head I was ‘swotting up’ on Benedict XVI’s biography. In 1939 he entered the Seminary…yes by our modern standards that’s incredibly young, but our Pope did not have an idealised, romantic view of the priesthood, he had seen his parish priest get a beating from the Nazis before he offered Holy Mass. That pivotal period in our Pope’s life from the tender age of 12 to the time he was eighteen was in ways subject to the demands of the Nazi beast…When he was fourteen he was required by law to become a member of Hitler Youth. There were financial penalties for not joining Hitler Youth, and Pope Benedict who was from a modest middle-income family could not afford the fines. But on account of the intervention from a sympathetic maths teacher he was not required to attend Hitler Youth… 6pm Mass was offered for the intentions of the Holy …

'Introducing Pope Benedict': Evening of Preparation for the visit of our beloved Holy Father

We will gather at 7pm. Carmelites, Church Street. And yes, this is the same church that Princess Diana used to visit so that she could light a candle to St. Therese.  In this very church, this evening Mass will be offered for the Holy Father. We will then gather in the conference room, and have a talk, followed by an Open Forum on the Pope’s visit. We will then have a delicious bite to eat and a glass of vino. Whilst I am very unworthy, I will be giving the talk and answering some of the questions put during the forum. As an ordinary Catholic woman, it is a great honour to join with my fellow parishioners and decide how best we can get to know Pope Benedict, and give him a welcome that travels from our hearts to the heart of this nation.

Nick Clegg to greet Pope. Pope’s words will ricochet off the dance floors in a ‘youth anthem’. Gay Christians criticise those who protest the Pope’s visit. And the Most Amazing Papal Visit T-Shirts!

Papal Visit News Bites. Nick Clegg, an atheist, will meet the Pope on behalf of the Government. Get ready to hear ‘Heart Song’, which puts Benedict’s words to music. Lyrics include; “God lives, even though we sometimes find it difficult to grasp his mysterious and inscrutable ways.” The song may even be played in night clubs. A news story from earlier in the week is that gay and lesbian Christians condemn the plans to protest the Pope. The picture with this blog is of a new t-shirt design. And click HERE to see more of the Most Amazing t-shirts for the papal visit. These would make great presents. And could be worn with style for years after the visit.

As we prepare for the papal visit, it is more essential than ever to learn more about our Pope’s life PART FOUR

This is a video from 2009, and congratulates Pope Benedict on his 82nd birthday. Benedict has since turned 83. The video ends by mentioning Benedict XVI 2009 trip to the Holy Land. The video shows clips of Nazi Germany - the regime that Benedict survived. This week Benedict has commented on this, "During the Nazi dictatorship and the war, we were, so to speak, 'hemmed in' by the dominant power structure. So we wanted to break out into the open, to experience the whole range of human possibilities....Part of being young is desiring something beyond everyday life and a secure job, a yearning for something really truly greater," he said. "Is this simply an empty dream that fades away as we become older? No! Men and women were created for something great, for infinity. Nothing else will ever be enough." Benedict XVI said this desire for "a more meaningful life" is actually a sign that God created us, "and that we bear his 'imprint.'" &…

Instead of me, the newspaper should have chosen Fr Stephen Wang to debate Sinéad O’Connor

“How does it feel to have argued against Sinéid O’Connor in the newspaper?!” read the text. I had no idea that I had argued against the notorious ‘priest’ Sinéad O’Connor, until that second when a text came from Ireland. I write for a regional Irish newspaper – not on line – but advertised in the Writers and Artists’ Yearbook. And often I don’t get to see an article of mine until someone posts me a copy. For this article, I had written a defence of the Vatican’s stance on only ordaining men to the priesthood. The newspaper had put me on one side, and Sinéad O’Connor’s views on the other. Being the simpering goody-two-shoes that I am, I had argued rather laboriously that the sacramental validity of the Holy Mass requires that a male priest offer the sacrifice. Sinéid was on the page opposite to me, and complained bitterly about the Vatican. It’s so curious that she protests so much about Catholicism, and yet wants to be counted as a Catholic ‘priest’. If I had her e-mail, I would sent …

The Path Less Taken: Instead of me the newspaper should have chosen Fr Stephen Wang to argue against Sinéid O’Connor

Full in the panting heart of Rome - Fantastic Traditional Catholic Hymn


Video of Benedict's Childhood photos! As we prepare for the papal visit, it is more essential than ever to learn more about our Pope’s life. PART THREE

Finally found it - the video that captures Benedict's upbringing. It's like a virtual photo album of Benedict's childhood and early life. You may watch this video by clicking HERE.This photo will, however, always remain my favourite. Look at those bright eyes - whoever thought looking at this adorable child that he would one day become Pope?

Benedict is “The shepherd who seeks to lead us to the fields of blessings and the fields of peace” according to Shimon Peres, the president of Israel

The following inscription with the menorah given to Pope Benedict is very touching not least because of its poetic quality, but because of its truth.

 'To His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

“The shepherd who seeks to lead us to the fields of blessings and the fields of peace”

With great esteem,

Shimon Peres,  The President of the State of Israel 2010'

As we prepare for the papal visit, it is more essential than ever to learn more about our Pope’s life. PART TWO

Some readers of this blog may find this video too facile. But it conveys a lot of info quickly. It appeals to a young fogey like me, and teenagers.  it’s an uplifting video and simply portrays many amazing facts about Benedict XVI. I felt so proud of our Pope watching it. The quote from Israel Singer is especially insightful; that “[Benedict XVI] he created the theological basis for good relations between Catholics and Jews”

Four Jewish settlers shot dead in West Bank - Five Lives Lost

The news reports that 'four settlers' were shot dead should not overlook that one of the victims was a 25 year old pregnant mother, and that her unborn baby lost his life too. If the facts are reported correctly, five lives were lost in this obscene shooting.From Today's Daily Telegraph
Four Jewish settlers were shot dead in their car by suspected Hamas militants on Tuesday, on the eve of the first peace talks between the Israelis and Palestinians after a break of nearly two years.
The shooting was the deadliest attack by militants in the West Bank for more than a year and was seen as an attempt to derail negotiations in Washington, where President Barack Obama was preparing to host a dinner for Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, and Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian president, before the two leaders meet face-to-face on Wednesday. Ehud Barak, Israels' defence minister, promised that Israel would "exact a price" from …