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The few but worthy comparisons between Padre Pio and Fr Frank Pavone

Other than the fact that they were both christened Francis. And that the indelible mark of the Holy Spirit was inscribed on their souls on their ordination to the priesthood.

Padre Pio lived in a time of great change and confusion; a generation of Catholics in the 60s were asking if abortion was becoming more acceptable. There was a creeping idea that ‘it’s a matter of conscience’. Right throughout his priestly ministry, Padre Pio never shirked revealing the vileness of abortion. When Padre Pio was enlightening Padre Pellegrino why he had not given absolution to a woman whose sin was abortion he said; “The day, in which people, frightened by the economic boom, from physical damages or from economic sacrifices, will lose the horror of the abortion, it will be the most terrible day for humanity. Abortion is not only homicide but also suicide.” Padre Pio was thought to be very harsh with post-abortive women; but I took an eye-witness account from Dónal Enright who knew a woman who was ini…

Urgent life or death prayer request…


I really enjoyed reading…

One of the birthday presents for my Godchild: the fifth Girl Annual, published in 1956 by Hulton Press, but peculiarly lacking a date. I ferreted it out in an old London bookshop some years ago, and kept it till my godchild could read most of it.
One comic strip concern St Perpetua; the 22 year old nursing mother who together with her slave girl St Felicity were executed. 

New Atheists may consider much of the comic strips and features to be the stuff of religious indoctrination. Not that the this decades old annual was written as some sort of light-hearted girls’ comic to assist Catholic apologetics, but the bravery of the Roman Martyrs was thought good material for a gripping story.

Interview with Julia Holcomb


A life the words of someone who speaks like they are one chromosome from a squawking bird…

I’m dumbfounded and goosebumps are multiplying on my shivering skin. Minutes ago,  a nun got in touch with me to tell me that she was contacted by a young girl. The girl asked the nun to tell me that she had decided against an abortion and had recently had her baby. She even asked the nun to pass on some words of thanks to yours truly. But I never even knew that the girl had been pregnant and was contemplating an abortion.   But I met her last year. Picture it - one cold wintry evening when I was with friends, and they introduced me to their friends. This was just a random group of some good friends and new acquaintances. My friends (some of whom believe that abortions should be done for exceptions/if the mother is too young/if the mother wants to put her career first) asked me some questions about pro-life matters, and specifically why I am pro-life.   I don’t remember my exact sentiments and honestly thought that my meagre words were without effect. Little did I know that among the gr…