The Real Story of The Exorcist Part Four. This part may upset some.

The introduction of a statue of St Michael the Archangel makes a huge difference to the exorcism...


  1. Mary, As I discovered from my own personal experience there is a fine line between a true demonic possession and what mental health professionals call a "psychotic episode". The guidelines for exorcism from the Vatican requires the extensive training and knowledge of select "Exorcists" to be appointed by the Church and utilized at the discretion of a local Bishop.

    I had what was called a psychotic episode which made demons appear real and mistakenly asked for an exorcism. The Priest who "exorcised" me I discovered was admonished and died shortly thereafter. From war trauma, my mind had processed a tremendous amount of violence in a very short amount of time which often causes delusional thinking which is not "possession".

    Any Priest can tell you that most frequently all Catholic receive at Mass a certain mild form of exorcism in our Confession and that many of the healing Masses with anointing also accomplishes the "cleansing from the effects of sin.

    True demonic possession requires a diligent and prudent advisement by a trained Priest to effect an Exorcism.

    There is also a generic form of Exorcism which is permitted for use by laity here:


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