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Ireland’s abortion bill has rendered the constitution meaningless

In a post that I've written for The Catholic Herald, I argue that Enda Kenny (or, Enda Life as I prefer to call him) has undermined the Constitution so much that it is now a stack of white pages...

Duchess of Cambridge gives birth to the future king!

Congratulations, Will and Kate! Their little chap was born weighing 8lbs 6oz. Will was present for the 11 hour birth.

These photos are from The Telegraph album, where you will find a fuller selection of photos.

95 years ago today, Queen Victoria's granddaughter was shot dead...

After spending some years living in London, it's very much impressed upon me that many of the city's most celebrated places owe their existence to Queen Victoria's reign. In one day, I can wander through the Victoria and Albert Museum, or take in a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. There is also the fact that I live in a Victorian house, and never want to live anywhere else.

The adjective 'Victorian' is so vivid and stirs up so many mental visuals, that it can be used effectively to describe a situation or an item of clothing or a mode of thought. Queen Victoria's influence and spirit live on. As the longest reigning British monarch in history, in her 63 years on the throne, her character was etched in the public mind as very emotional, prone to melancholy, frank and most of all, headstrong. Her influence lives on, and it's almost as though her ghost walks through the dusty streets, checking to make sure that the buildings erected in her honour, are mainta…

I love the Tridentine Mass but that doesn't stop me loving Pope Francis

In a post for The Catholic Herald, I argue that it's possible to go to the Tridentine Mass regularly, and be a supporter of Pope Francis.

Interview with Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Brown, "the child protection procedures in place today in the Church in Ireland are second to none"

Last September '12, Archbishop Brown gave me a very candid interview on his own faith journey, and how he discovered his religious vocation while trekking in the Himalayas.  In his interview with Raymond Arroyo, he discusses the current situations in the Irish Church, how the board for safeguarding children in the Catholic Church has been run very successfully by 'an outstanding gentleman' called Ian Elliott, who is Protestant, how the procedures in place to protect children have improved, and why it might be better to pick new bishops who are not natives to the diocese where they will be stationed.

Skip to minute 27 for the interview with + Brown.

Priest saves baby with a Facebook cry for help


Writing about Padre Pio: how it influences real life