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Where's your rope ladder? Something to consider in the wake of the Grenfell Tower tradegy.

I didn't see the Grenfell Tower go on fire;  I smelt it. I live a relatively short distance from there and the morning after the inferno raged I was out for my early walk when I was met with wafts of smoky air which were just too fetid and too thick to be usual, even if it has been a hideously hot summer. Since then my mind has been turning over and over a piece of advice that an older chap took trouble to give me some years back. He was quite a brilliant wordsmith who was occasionally mentioned in the 3rd person by The Times Literary Supplement, we sold something together and he let me have all the profits for the care of a homeless pregnant young woman. So all in all he was a good egg. One day I was having a tot of sherry with him and he asked me, "Mary, do you have a rope ladder?" "A rope ladder? Hello? No, I'm not an army recruit!" "I'm serious," he replied, "you should get a rope ladder.  You might wake up some night and that …