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Pinkie the “damned”?

Many years ago I was writing an interminable novel so mind-numbing that it deserved a health warning. Word got out that this unpublished saga had a Catholic character who was a “baddie”.  A devout Irish Catholic took me aside one day after Mass and warned me: “If you’re not careful, you’ll be like that Graham Greene!”  On another occasion I was working in a Catholic school when a Graham Greene novel was chosen for the GCSE syllabus. World War III broke out. Some concerned parents argued that students should never read Greene. They worried, in particular, that pupils would be led astray by the novel’s fallen characters.
But why hasn’t the debate on Greene and his Catholic characters been rekindled since the re-make of Brighton Rock was released on February 4th? And especially now as DVD copies of Brighton Rock glower at us from every shelf on Sainbury’s?
 Brighton Rock was the first of Greene’s “Catholic novels” and established his reputation as a Catholic novelist. Wrestling with that…

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