JFK's RIP prayer card - Catholics just don't make them like they used to

47 years ago today, JFK was murdered in broad day-light. While, it was an impossibility for me to ever meet JFK, but I did meet his sister. I still pray for the repose of JFK's soul. If JFK went to Purgatory, then we may remember that when Padre Pio was asked how long one soul may stay in Purgatory - Padre Pio answered that it could be up to one hundred years. 
 Here is one of my most treasured possessions - the prayer card that was sent out after JFK's death. Let's see, we have an indulgence of 500 days listed on the back. When was the last time you saw an indulgence on a funeral prayer card? And the quote from St. Ambrose, about conducting the faithfully departed to Heaven with our prayers would be considered very old-school in Catholic circles today. Linen on the Hedgerow's post this morning inspired me to take photos of this card and post it. Part of this post reads, ' it is fashionable to name call JFK these days; we hear the woman chaser accusations ad nauseum but, at the time these facts or fictions were not aired and we saw Kennedy as a clean cut Catholic male who had the capacity to bring change into the lives of many thousands. He and his brother, Robert, took on the unions and the racists and the mafia to such a degree that the hold these groups held on the USA was broken for ever.'


  1. Wow! What a great post. I've never seen a JFK holy card before.

  2. Americans are a fickle people, they only remember what is done for them in the very moment the deed is done. I suppose the Irish are also as fickle.

  3. Thank you for posting this picture! I heard that very soon before he was shot, he was reconciled and had started to amend his ways. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. Bless you Mary. A very eloquent and poignant post.

  5. Sorry that the quality of the photographs isn't too good. I took the photos in bad light last night because I wanted the post to go up on the anniversary of his death. I must have the funeral prayer card preserved in some way. I have been entrusted with guarding it.

  6. Concerning the death of John F. Kennedy all the media reports allure to both political intrigue and retaliation evolving from extramarital affair with Marilyn Monroe and since at the time there was no pronouncement from the Vatican that John F. Kennedy died a Martyr for the faith, honoring his person as a venerable person of Catholic identity does not always evoke that sentiment in light of all the mystery as to why he was killed. His assassin was also killed shortly after his arrest and so the reason will never be fully made known.

    I have always hoped for an American Catholic President that would stand up for the Catholic faith and I am certain that all the Kennedy's were practical Catholic although I am not certain they were practicing Catholic.

    The indulgence on his card applies to the prayer that is said for the repose of his soul which also applies when that particular prayer is prayed for anyone so the indulgence was not created specifically for John F. Kennedy, it was part of creating his memorial card in reference to his Catholic Baptism.

    His Catholic Baptism alone is reason enough to make a generous appeal to Jesus Christ for his Salvation.


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