Padre Pio, standing at the gates of Heaven, waiting for ALL his spiritual children

Padre Pio: "I will stand at the gates of Heaven until all my spiritual children have entered."  This is so encouraging and uplifting in this month of November when we contemplate the pains of the souls in Purgatory, and pray that they enter Heaven. When we ourselves (in particular the writer of this blog) are in Purgatory, we may take heart that Padre Pio is waiting at the gates for us.


  1. It's funny - I just read this quote on a Padre Pio website just last night and found it so comforting. I think it was the last thing I read before I turned in...

  2. That promise of Padre Pio's was claimed by me for my family when I found it online nearly ten years ago. I will never let go of those words.

    Padre Pio, remember especially, M. 143-447

  3. Thanks so much Mary for your work in Padre Pio, and for what you are giving to each spiritual children of Saint Pio. God bless you. You have a friend that appreciate so much your work in Honduras. un abrazo,

  4. Padre was one of the greatest saints ever and I know that he is going do all that he can to shorten our stay in Purgatory. He said often that Gods time is different then ours. We can pray for the happy death of someone that died years ago. My guess is that he prayed for us to have shortened stays in Purgatory too.

  5. Dear St. Padre Pio...please "adopt" my little sister, Dorothy...who has passed from here....and make her your Spiritual Child...and welcome her into Heaven. Thank you Padre Pio.

    P.S. I hope to see you someday up there too!

  6. Oh, my Padre pio I want to thank you for guiding me in my life and helping me through my sorrows. I should be ashamed of myself to ask and want. I should just thank god for what he has giving me and feel eternally grateful. I love you Padre pio and thank you...I also pray for the souls in pergatory...AMEN

  7. Dear Padre Pio I am so touched by you, you are totally led by God as we all would love to be. I see beauty, wisdom, love for all and forgiveness. May you be blessed as you bless all. You are so loved and such a gift from God. I love you Padre Pio and have been touched by know one the way I have been by you,


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