Wanted: Amazing, Unsung Catholics

Do you know any unknown Catholics – lay or religious – who are doing fantastic work? The focus of this research is to get to know and then to celebrate Catholics who are not currently household names. Geography is not important; a Catholic from any part of the globe may be suitable. This ‘unsung’ Catholic may be doing humanitarian work, great works of evangelism or is a pioneer in their field. If you know of any such Catholic, let me know. Leave details of how I may contact you in the comment boxes. Many thanks, and all who get in touch will be assured many prayers at the Tridentine Mass.


  1. Mary I can think of someone who did a lot for Catholicism, the founder of TAN Books Thomas A. Nelson. However he is no longer at the helm of his company and was forced to retire when TAN was taken over due to bankruptcy. But for decades his company was nearly the only one that was making orthodox Catholic books and Catholic classics available. I can probably make some inquires so you can contact him if interested.


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