The London Oratory on Palm Sunday

This photo taken today at The London Oratory was nicked from New Liturgical Movement website

It is a magnificent grace to be able to attend Mass at The London Oratory. Years before I was able to move to London, I would  pass South Kensington tube station, and pray decades of the Rosary  for the graces to live near to The Oratory. At this time of writing, I estimate that I have attended over 300 Tridentine Masses there – mostly private Masses. I record this not to boast of piety (which I am in short supply of anyway) but to render a historical account of the life of 'a modern Irish' who went to London in their mid-twenties to be near the ‘Old Rite’ Mass/’Extraordinary Form’.
Had someone told my grandparents in 1950’s Ireland that their grandchild would move to a part of London to be near the Tridentine Mass, they would have thought it fantastical and the stuff of illusion. This was ‘the hey-day’ of the Catholic Church in Ireland – frequent Masses in each parish and a surge of vocations to the priesthood. Then it would have been inconceivable that there would come a time in Ireland’s history when there would be a dearth of vocations to the priesthood and few Tridentine Masses celebrated.
I have also had the privilege of going to Mass in St Bede’s Clapham and Corpus Christi, Maiden Lane.


  1. Well then, you must come and join us at Blackfen one day :-)

    Very glad to hear that you were able to assist at the Palm Sunday Mass at the London Oratory. I bet that it was a wonderful homage to the Eternal Father.

  2. Thank you for the invite Fr Tim!

    May I ask your prayers, please, I am getting ready to go to Rome, and do not feel prepared.

  3. Thing are improving in Ireland. There's a traditional mass in Cork city every Sunday and the tenebrae is celebrated in holy week.

  4. Hiya MP O'Regan,
    I do agree that things are improving in Ireland. It's just that in London there often is the possibility of attending several Tridentine Masses everyday
    God bless always, Mary


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