Duck's off! But Fawlty Towers is back on the menu!

The reactions that I got when I told people that abstaining from Fawlty Towers was part of my Lenten penance were varied: "that's a bit of a ridiculous fast", "that's very little compared to what I'm doing", "you can't be serious, ha ha ha...", and my absolute favourite, "can't you give up food? You could avoid food for Lent..." To be fair, the person who asked me if I was going to give up food, did themselves try to give up meals for Lent in a bid to lose a lot of weight. But the idea of yours truly giving up food for forty days is a bit of a non-starter: I'm hovering around eight stone, sometimes less than eight stone and am disqualified from donating blood because I'm under the required weight. If I fast during daytime, the next morning, I feel dizzy and feel as though my body will go through the mattress.
Ah, but Eastertide is here, and is anyone up for a bit of duck pulverized by Manuel?


  1. I lovve you mr fawly i looooovee you

    remember the gay french cook


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