Pope John XXIII was deliberately given false information on Padre Pio

'...which led the Pope to have a negative opinion and reservations about Padre Pio. This changed radically when the Archbishop of Manfredonia cleared this with the truth of what was actually said.'

Stefano Campanella has previously written about the time John Paul II (tomorrow is the sixth anniversary of his death) spent with the saint of the stigmata where Padre Pio confided in the young Fr Karol that his shoulder wound gave him the greatest agony.

Twitch-of-the-mantilla to The Catholic Herald website where the above video was posted.


  1. I love both Bl John XXlll & St Pio...

  2. I do too - but I'm not so fond of the false information about Padre Pio.

  3. Mary and Jackie, please pray that those of us who are not in Christ Jesus will be touched by the Holy Spirit and become closer to God. Thank you. Daniel

  4. I haven't read the book, but what motivates people to lie deliberately about people like Pio? What can they possibly hope to get out of it? And what does it indicate about their own personal faith. It seems to show it could be pretty non-existent.


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