'one of the greatest injustices history has ever known...'

The start is a trifle off-putting, and one might switch off for fear of seeing grisly abortion footage, when in fact the video only deftly and fleetingly shuffles the less horrific of such pictures. The true worth of this video is in its expose of the huge numbers of abortions in the US. The organisation Abort73, which is very much suited to an American audience, has a website that also gives info on the UK scene. Not all of Abort73's campaign tactics would be entirely suitable for the UK, but they are a brave initiative.
Perhaps, I think this video is better than it is, but why are there only 739 views?


  1. Someone should make a similar video with UK statistics.

    You may be interested in this Pro-life song authored by a priest: http://timeforreflections.blogspot.com/2010/06/cry-from-heart-pro-life-song-by-father.html

    God bless.

  2. Thanks Victor, that's a very touching song.


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