Bloggers! The Vatican would like to see your site!

I have requested an invite to the meeting for bloggers, and am praying to get a place. Heaven is being stormed today - a rosary, candles will be lit at the altar of St Anthony to 'find' me a place, and prayers at Mass. If being persistent/a-bit-pushy in prayer were a sin, I would have chalked up thousands of years in Purgatory!

Maybe it's time to re-learn 'remember to ask with confidence for big spiritual favours, and to ask for temporal gifts if it be God's will.' 


  1. Christi Edwards16 April 2011 at 05:03

    It IS God's will! Congrats! Christi

  2. Hi Christi,

    Thank you for congratulating me, but I do not believe that I have a place at the meeting - if I have - where does one find out?

    God bless you, Mary

  3. Hi Mary, I saw you on the list and I hope to make it there to meet you!

  4. Hi JMJ,

    Thank you for your comment. It's been very surreal learning that I've been invited. I look forward to meeting you, and lots of prayers for everyone going.

    God bless you always,



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