Us Catholics and our 'hideous tat'

Earlier this week The Catholic Herald (online version) ran an article ‘no one does hideous tat quite like us Catholics’. I’m still laughing after reading it three times. The author Milo Yiannopoulos has a favourite piece of ‘tat’; the Virgin Mary USB stick (pictured above). The manufacturer’s description defies comment. ‘Is there anyone who hasn’t sometimes wished for holy backup to protect their most precious data? It’s finally available in the form of the Maria USB!

She’s appeared in modern guise to secure and safely store what is most important and precious to us, offering heavenly support next to the computer; especially for those situations where prayer is the only solution.Standing dignified on her socket, enshrined in Plexiglas, when work calls she frees herself of her surroundings. Connected with the computer she comes to life, her red LED heard starts to beat – in passive state slowly, quicker whilst connecting or saving data. On her halo is engraved the prayer – “Oh Maria, keep my data safe!”
Confession: I want to buy the Virgin Mary USB stick… I can’t wait to show it off to all my friends. In the meantime, there is a Miraculous Medal tied to my USB stick and a very third class relic of St. Padre Pio sellotaped to my laptop.


  1. A very old ex Anglican vicar who in his eighties converted to Catholicism, told me that: "When it is tacky you know it can only be the one true Church"

  2. I'm ticked off there wasn't a link to the website where you can buy one.

  3. Here's a link for where you may buy one;

    Or else you could click on 'Virgin Mary USB' (in blue writing in the above blog post) and that will take you to the site where they sell them.


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