New blog; a man travelling to Mother Church and trying to bring his wife with him

I found a new blog ‘Quam Angusta Porta’. It’s a very sincere and from-the-heart blog, and the writer has chosen the name ‘Malvenu’ as his blogger-name as it means out-of-place, because he is 'outside the Catholic Church, wanting to come home. But my other half doesn't want me to, doesn't understand why I want to and I can't give her the answers...'
Aspects of his journey swimming the Tiber include;
“Watching the funeral of Pope John Paul II I was struck by the manifest demonstration of the universality of the Catholic Church (it may have been at this point that I began to despise the insular nature of my former, Church of England Church)…

Whilst reading ‘The Story of a Soul’ I was struck by St. Thérèse’s description of the Holy Eucharist in which, she says, Jesus comes into your Heart to make his home there. At last, I had the answer to a question I had despaired over for fifteen years or more, ‘How does Jesus get into my heart?’ These moments also seemed to affirm that the Catholic Church was my home – was the answer to all my questions….
I have come to the belief that the Catholic Church is the ‘One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church,’ the Church that Christ said was His Church that he would build on the rock of St. Peter, that the Gates of Hell would never overcome. There are still items of doctrine and practice within the Catholic Church with which I still struggle, but I am convinced not only that this is the ‘One True Church’ but also that the Protestant Church is utterly illegitimate and heretical…

If I were free to choose without having to consider anyone else I would have become a Catholic by now. This blog is about my difficulties in getting to Rome…”


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