"Stop calling me pro-abortion! I'm pro-choice!"

‘It’s rude to call me ‘pro-abortion’, you should know by now, I mean you’ve known me for long enough, that I’m….’ cue self-satisfied smile and proud-of-oneself tone, ‘I’m pro-choice’ said ‘S’.
‘But you were telling me that you believe with all your heart that abortion should be ‘a right’ throughout pregnancy, and even during the labour…?’ I asked.
‘Yes, but it can only be a proper choice if abortion is allowed all the way through pregnancy. It stops being a choice if the mother can only abort up to twenty four weeks.’  I’ve known ‘S’ for many years, and while I’m a pro-lifer, and openly anti-abortion, ‘S’ detests being called ‘pro-abortion’ and while she champions ‘brave, defiant women’ who tell the world about their abortions, ‘S’ will always refuse to say yes or no to whether she has had an abortion.
‘Ah, why are you using words such as ‘the mother’?! I don’t mean to sound like a kindergarten teacher, but if you are a pregnant human mother, you must be pregnant with a human baby…And the choice you advocate means by process of abortion, means either killing the human baby or letting the baby live. If you advocate the destruction of the baby regardless of how long she or he is in the womb, than you are pro-abortion.’
‘No! No! I’m pro-choice. If I were pro-abortion, then I would think every pregnancy should be ended by abortion’ ‘S’ said urgently, she thinks she will eventually win me over to the pro-‘choice’ side.  
 ‘But if someone chooses to abort you in your ninetieth trimester, do they have the right?’ I enquired.
‘Look, don’t confuse abortion with actual killing of live human beings. I’m pro-choice while the products of conception are in the womb for three trimesters…’
‘But your pro-abortion to the point of agreeing to abortion during birth…which is actually at the end of the third trimester and into what would be a fourth trimester.’ I said, making a huge effort to keep my voice calm.
‘Stop calling me pro-abortion! I'm pro-choice! All this talk about trimesters! There’s no such thing as a fourth trimester abortion."
‘Really? I was born in the fourth trimester. My mother conceived me around April 28th, and I was born quite a bit late in February. But if, as you say ‘all women should be able to abort up to and during birth, than had my mother aborted me, that would have been a fourth trimester abortion. Look maths was never a strong point of mine, but the fourth comes after the third...’
‘Alright, lets forget trimesters, limiting abortion to a specific trimester is anti-choice. I’m like Obama, he’s not pro-abortion, he’s pro-choice. We respect the woman’s decision. So, stop calling me pro-abortion, it’s just not true!’
So, ‘S’ prides herself on being ‘pro-choice’ like Obama. ‘S’ is not alone, the editor of L’Osservatore Romano, praised Obama for being ‘pro-choice’ and not ‘pro-abortion’. LifeSiteNews ran an excellent article by Hilary White on the matter


  1. Who ISN'T pro CHOICE? I LOVE choices, especially when it comes to hot dog toppings. But what is the answer to the question to the writer above? Pro WHAT? Pro ABORTION. Plain and simple that's what you are FOR, ie. PRO. OWN IT! If you have the nerve to stand up for the killing of unborn babies then have the nerve to OWN IT.

    I'm pro CHOICE. I'm just against the killing of the unborn.

  2. Yes, but isn't it interesting that people who are 'pro-abortion' hate being called 'pro-abortion'?


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