Let’s recognize Sr. Myra’s false ‘comparison’ between Pope Benedict and the BNP for what it is: fantasy and fancy. There is nothing but contrast between Pope Benedict’s papacy and the BNP.

Pardon me for writing more on “Catholic” Voices for Reform, and for making the next obvious point, because I’m beginning to wonder why we are taking them seriously. But I think we ought to understand this slur for what it is.
In October 2009 Sr. Myra wrote in The Church Times:
“The only unity Pope Benedict XVI and his advisers want is the unity with those who are “right-wingers”, to use a political term. If the Pope had to appear on the BBC’s Question Time, he would get an even worse reception than the British National Party leader."
According to Sr. Myra, Pope Benedict has the same reputation as Nick Griffin. And Sr. Myra thinks that Pope Benedict would be treated like the leader of a neo-fascist, xenophobic party? So, Sr. Myra places Nick Griffin (Griffin’s sanity is in doubt) on a par with Pope Benedict? Benedict XVI, the greatest intellectual of this era and the leader of 1.2 billion Catholics of every race and ethnicity? This is pure fantasy and myth-making. It's not a credible comparison in any way. Looking at the reality of the role played by the BNP, a party that encourages white supremacy, and Benedict’s papacy there is no ‘comparison’. There are only contrasts.

This ‘comparison’ is not based on reality; it’s based on false fictionalising of our Pope. And the actual reality of the Pope’s visit will demonstrate this. In Britain all races and nationalities will greet the Pope. Most particularly in Hyde Park, the Pope will embrace a huge multi-cultural and multi-racial range of the population during the prayer vigil in Hyde Park.


  1. The problem is that we are dealing with irrational and unreasonable people here, for whom a slogan is a truth.

    "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride" - unfortunately Sr Myra and her entourage are happily riding the steeds of their own egocentric delusions.

    A suggestion: Why don't they elect their own (Anti-)Pope, declare themselves the true church, excommunicate the rest of us, shut up, and go home?

    Would we miss them?

  2. You're absolutely right that they are irrational and unreasonable.

    I'm actually beginning to feel really sorry for them. They have made themselves seem so ridiculous.


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