Reflections on the First Saturday Devotions

At this time of writing, I have almost completed my First Saturday Devotions.
At Mass, my intention was to offer reparation for many friends of mine who have had abortions, especially friends who really struggle (ten years on) with the consequences of their ‘choice’; the extreme heavy drinking and their shattered relationships, and most of all the lifelong regret of having aborted the child of their first love. It’s very difficult for some of my friends to accept that I help out in a pro-life centre that gives people practical help, so that they may chose against aborting. Very old acquaintances of mine say things like, “why are some people being given the choice not to abort, when our parents just smilingly and gushingly took us to abortion clinics?”

So, I prayed today that others may be given the encouragement they need so that they may keep the life of their unborn child.
I must complete the fifteen minutes of meditating on the mysteries of the Holy Rosary, which I will do in the tube to work as the tube pulls its way from High Street Kensington to Paddington and on and on through the murky tunnels of underground travel. One handy ‘tip’ for this meditation is to devote a minute to contemplating each mystery, and to keep before oneself pictures that depict the mysteries. 

PS - There is also a Facebook page devoted to the First Saturdays Devotion. Only seven people have ‘liked’ this page, seven out of over one billion Catholics worldwide.


  1. Praying for a change to the abortion laws is good but we need more groups praying outside the abortion clinics also. Are there any groups in Wales that anyone knows of?


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