Ann Widdecombe to be special envoy for ACN

I was at the Aid to the Church in Need (‘ACN’) press conference yesterday, where it was announced that Ann Widdecombe will become ‘ACN’s’ special envoy. On behalf of the charity, Ann will be travelling, reporting and monitory religious freedom. The former government minister, famous convert to RC-ism, and Strictly Come Dancing star will put her considerable media savvy and political acumen to use as Christian minorities’ champion. The post has a ‘global remit’ and Ann Widdecombe will travel to difficult areas where Christians are persecuted for their faith. See here for news on the ACN report that reveals that 75 percent of religious persecution is against Christians.
The great boon about this is that Ann is a very gutsy commentator and does not mince her words. The unknown sufferings of millions of Christians may become better known over here in the UK, perhaps as a direct result of Ann Widdecombe’s reports.
I was very impressed by Ann Widdecombe when I was introduced to her last November. She was a speaker at The Right to Life dinner, and I was there representing The Catholic Herald. At the dinner Ann spoke about the way forward for the pro-life movment working in parliament to restrict abortion.
See a previous post for the advice Anne Widdecombe gave parents who found spliffs in their kid's bedroom. 


  1. I am sure Anne Widdicombe will be excellent in this role. Any news as to whether Great Britain has a Papal Ambassador as yet, she was mooted for that post at one time.

  2. Hi Richard, I must do some looking into who the next Papal Ambassador will be.
    By the way, I think I said this to you before, but I really enjoy clicking onto your blog.

    For anyone reading this comment, Richard's blog is 'Linen On The Hedgerow' and is on my blog menu to the right.


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