"It is time for self interest in the £60 million abortion industry to cease" says MP Nadine Dorries

On this fascinating post for ConservativeHome, former nurse, but current MP Nadine Dorries makes a few bold points in support of the case that abortion guidelines need to be drawn up by an independent body which is accountable to Parliament. Including: “We are concerned with the legality of the procedure used for drafting the guidelines and the make up of the RCOG [Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists] working group for a number of reasons:  Of the eighteen members in the working group who have drawn up the draft guidelines, eleven are immediately and easily identifiable as abortionists who make their living wholly or partly through the abortion process…. The draft guidelines failed to include a declaration of interests from members of the group including a declaration of monies acquired through abortion industry related activities. The public have a right to that at the very least…. A review into the mental health impact of abortion upon women by the Royal College of Psychiatrists is presently underway. In producing its recent draft guidelines, the RCOG group has completely ignored the findings of a landmark study recently published in the British Journal of Psychiatry, that women who abort are 30% more likely to develop mental health problems than those who don’t and instead, has relied on a highly criticised review by the American Psychological Association. It is logical to wait until the review by the Royal College of Psychiatrists has been produced before proceeding and further with the proposed RCOG guidelines…. The RCOG has failed to uphold the principle of professionalism and ethical responsibility in the way it has behaved in the production of these guidelines and indeed, I would go as far as to say has brought the entire RCOG into disrepute. Such conduct is potentially unlawful….. The RCOG are not free to behave as they wish and certainly, not as they have behaved… It is time for self interest in the £60 million abortion industry to cease."

Nadine Dorries endorses NICE (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) because she argues “they are to Parliament, the RCOG are not. Our amendment will remove the incestuous behaviour of the RCOG and bring the care of vulnerable women back to a balanced, impartial, accountable and caring footing.”

Nadine Dorries previously said in an interview with Ed West for The Catholic Herald that:
“Women don’t know that they have a 30 per cent chance of experiencing mental health problems after having an abortion,” she says. “They don’t know there are links with various other medical conditions. They are given no advice.
“If you want to continue with the pregnancy and give the baby up for adoption you are not given support or help. They are just spoken to and channelled straight in to an abortion clinic where they have their abortion in a factory-like manner, then [they are] ejected into the street, given no follow-up, no support, no kindly words of help or advice.”


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