Hello Lent, Goodbye Basil and Manuel

My Lenten resolution is to give up the innocent pleasure of watching my favourite comedy series – among others Fawlty Towers.
Everyone has been asking me if I am giving up chocolate or wine or regular meals for Lent. The truth is that in the last three days, a nasty gum infection has taken my jaws hostage, and I’ve had to give up most foods except yoghurt! I might be adventurous for dinner and try a scrambled egg. This morning, the dentist said it would go away in a week, and at least I'm thankful that it's happening at this time of the liturgical cycle and not during Christmas!
Those of you, who have not given up Fawlty Towers, may see these classic clips here.

My favourite episode of all time is ‘Basil and the rat’, see here for a full commentary on this.


  1. Oh if only they made comedy as funny as this nowadays!

  2. Yes, I wish there were more comedy shows like Fawlty Towers! Even the puns on Fawlty Towers were done so cleverly - like when Polly put sugar in the shaker instead of salt and the lady put the sugar all over her plaice, to which Polly replies, 'what a sweet place!'

  3. I, too, love Fawlty Towers. The comedy was clean, and actually funny!

  4. Never knew about this very funny show, being a bloke from the States. Congratulations on being able to refrain from watching it for Lent, I am only giving up chocolate fudge cake and coffee crumb cake, that I have been buying weekly at the grocery.

  5. Well done Frank for giving up those delicious treats.
    Something that I would love to do as a blogger and journo is to interview John Cleese and/or Connie Booth and tell them how much I love the series they created.

  6. Instead of giving something up, take something else on that will make you a better human being and will also help someone around you. There are plenty of people who need help or just someone to talk to an hour a week. Giving up TV, chocolate, etc. is childish and serves no purpose at all.

  7. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for your comment. As Catholics we believe that our sacrifice of 'giving up', something does serve a purpose in that we are winning grace from Heaven by making that sacrifice. I do agree with you that we need to take action during Lent as well, but fasting from something like TV does, according to our supernatural believe system serve a purpose.


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