Padre Pio's intercession won a cure for a seriously ill child from West Cork

Ireland 1976. A child from the town of Bandon, West Cork was terribly ill – he was born with a blocked tube going from the kidney to the bladder. This meant that all the impurities of his body came up and into the kidneys and badly damaged them. But this wasn’t discovered before Kieran was two and half – by this time his kidneys were extensively injured and there were nine stones in one kidney. He needed a serious operation. After which, he would have a 50/50 chance of survival, but without the operation, there was no hope for him. The little toddler had an operation on both kidneys. Still, there was also the grave possibility that he would need his kidney’s removed.
Kieran’s mother, Kathleen took him to the Mercy Convent in Clonakilty to be blessed with the relics of Padre Pio. After the blessing, Kieran had a better colour, had more energy, and every time Kathleen took him to St Finbarr’s for his check-up his results were getting better. The best news came in November 1976, when the doctor said that Kieran’s kidneys were functioning perfectly, were growing tissue, and would not need to be removed.  While Kieran’s rapid cure is medically unexplained; Kieran’s mother is certain of one thing; “it was definitely Padre Pio who cured him." Padre PIo had been dead eight years by the time of this miraculous cure, but when he walked on this earth, Padre Pio assured us that: ‘I can do more for you in heaven than I can do here on earth.’

PS - I went to school (High School) in the West Cork town of Bandon. The Irish language for Bandon is ‘Droichead na Banndan’, meaning the bridge of the Bandon River, is just 20 miles west of Cork city and is the doorway to luscious and verdant West Cork. This picture is of the Bandon River.


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