Padre Pio: “If you suffered what I suffered for more than one minute you would be dead”

A woman enquired of Padre Pio about the whereabouts of two of her relatives, to which Padre Pio said that one of them was in Heaven, but that the other was not… One month later, she went to confession with Padre Pio, and asked if her other relative had made it to Heaven. Padre Pio assured her that indeed this relative was in Heaven, and now her two relatives were in Heaven. She said; “I know it was your sufferings that obtained the release of my relation from Purgatory to Heaven. Would you let me suffer what you suffered for my relation’s release?” Padre Pio laconically answered; “If you suffered what I suffered for more than one minute you would be dead”


  1. Hello!!! Yesterday I watched the film of Padre Pio, and was blown away, so I started searching the internet more about him and I found your blog because of his picture and took the liberty of copying it. I really enjoyed your blog. A big hug from Brazil.
    Graça Marinho

  2. Dear Grace,

    I'm so happy for you! God bless you always, and I'm so glad that you found Padre Pio. May Padre Pio guide and protect you always. If anything, I would advise saying the Novena to Padre Pio, which is amazingly powerful.

    Love, Mary


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