Princess Charlotte, what a great name for the new Princess!

Just two days after coming into the world on May 2nd, the new Princess has been named Charlotte. It's a very apposite and shrewd choice, this being the feminine version of Charles: the baby girl is being called after her grandfather. It's a traditional name for a royal and it's a saint's name! For one thing, this will put Will and Kate's daughter under the protection of St Charles Borromeo. 

She has three names, Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. While there is not a canonised saint Diana, my old friend Matthew Alderman pointed out to me that there is a blessed, Blessed Diana d'Andalo of Bologna, Italy.  That said, a very good friend of mine, an English Catholic will be relieved the Christian name is not Diana because, 'all the drama surrounding Diana was very hard on the Queen'. He prays for the Queen at every opportunity and has encouraged me in this, reminding me of the great welcome Queen Elizabeth gave Pope Benedict.

The new baby girl still has her great-grandmother's name and her grandmother's name in a way that recognises the late Diana and Queen Elizabeth. Even though great-grandma and grandma had a difficult relationship, the fact that Will and Kate's daughter is being named after both of them will mean a new beginning. 

Undoubtedly, the name Charlotte will know a great rise in popularity.  According to The Telegraph, it was ranked as 21st in the Office for National Statistics girls' names.  During 2013, there were 2,242 babies named Charlotte. 

CONGRATULATIONS, Will and Kate on the birth of Princess Charlotte!


  1. No one has mentioned yet that Kate's mother's name is Carole and is the same name as Charlotte and Charles!


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